EA Release Even More FIFA 18 Features From Career Mode

EA Release Even More FIFA 18 Features From Career Mode
Sep 3, 2017

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The latest instalment in the world’s most popular football video game is set for release in September and the footballing world and fans alike are drooling over this year’s edition. EA have dedicated themselves to making FIFA more and more realistic for their fans every year.

After grunts and complaints about the “boring” and “bland” career mode, EA listened and came up with The Journey in FIFA 17. This year, the sequel to the story of Alex Hunter is included on FIFA 18. But that’s not all, the Career Mode has had a massive revamp this year; transfer system overhaul and player negotiating and contracts now have a more life-like feel to them. EA Sports revealed a whole host of new features for career mode in FIFA 18 to immerse the player into the world of football management.


Career mode now uses the Frostbite engine like in the Journey game mode to allow players to take control of their favourite club. The transfer system in FIFA 18 lets you negotiate with players, clubs, managers and agents to secure new contracts and sign superstar players. The new system makes negotiating transfers and purchasing players a richer experience than just watching the graphic of a pen signing a contract. Career mode now allows you to discuss potential signings with opposition bosses like José Mourinho before speaking to the player’s agent. This is a huge jump from the bland emails you received in your inbox in FIFA 17.


In FIFA 18 Career Mode, all club and player dealings, as well as important news throughout the football world, will be featured using a new technology that generates news clips that are catalogued in in the Career Mode main menu. Events like Transfer announcements and Player signings now occur in real-time in FIFA 18. New additions like billboards, line-up shots and presentation press conferences where your new signing is unveiled to the fans and media have been added to the game. There are also new visuals for presentations of the Player of the Month award and domestic and continental trophy successes.


Training has also been improved in FIFA 18, with over 15 new skill games available to help you hone your skills and also improve your squad in career mode. The new skill games in FIFA 18 allow more variety when it comes to squad training and player development. Create preset drills and assign them to certain players or specific groups, allowing you to model your development strategy of young players to enhance player attributes or manage a player’s return from injury.

Check out more of the Career Mode features in the video above!

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    Harry says:

    One thing I think should be added: with the players positions, ones that they are suitable to, I think you should be able to select either of them as their main one in career mode e.g. Countinho (LW, CAM, LM) with Countinho being LW mainly, I believe people would prefer to play him as CAM. I can imagine I’m not alone on this, that a LW playing in CAM position is annoying as it doesn’t look right. I don’t think you should be able to select him as a GK for example, but any of the positions that are on there stats.

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