Why La Liga is better than The Premier League

Why La Liga is better than The Premier League
Feb 21, 2016


For years now, There’s been a constant debate on which league is better, La Liga or The Premier League. In many ways, it’s like the Ronaldo vs Messi debate or the Gerrard vs Lampard debate. I’m going to tell you why I believe that La Liga is the best league in the world.

La Liga is more than a two-team league that many portray it to be, For example, In recent times with the emergence of Atletico Madrid, La Liga is a three horse race. Unlike the Premier League where it’s 90% of the time a two horse race. You’ve only got to look at the top two teams in this season’s Premier League to question the quality of it so far. People will say ‘Leicester being top just proves why The Premier League is the best league in the world’. No, it doesn’t, It proves that the league is getting worse each year. How many Leicester players would get into Bilbao’s team? 2 maybe 3 and Bilbao are sitting in 8th place.

La Liga clubs have technically been ahead of Premier League clubs for years, In England, it’s more physical and clubs tend to play long balls quite often, Whereas you’ve only got to look at the Pre-Season training La Liga clubs do, It’s more about keeping the ball on the floor, pass and move pass and move in tight area’s. Quite a lot of clubs play with a tennis ball rather than a football too. Yes, okay, it could be tough to play ‘On a cold Wednesday night in Stoke’ But surely you’d rather play football like Rayo Vallecano than Stoke?

If La Liga was financially supported the way The Premier League is, I’m confident that it would put this whole debate to bed. Clubs like Valencia, Sevilla, Malaga have been losing their best players to Premier League clubs but all three have academies that continue to produce outstanding talent. The brightest young talents in La Liga are far more advanced than the ones in the Prem because the style of coaching is better, Look at Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane and Deli Alli for example, Would you say they’re better players than the likes of Inaki Williams, Denis Suarez, Saul, Borja Baston and Oliver Torres? I certainly wouldn’t. The way the clubs set up in Spain is what turns their young talents into world beaters and that’s something Premier League clubs fail to do.

The main factor of why I believe La Liga is superior is because of the performances in the European competitions. Since 2000, Spanish clubs have won The Champions League six times and The Europa League 6 times compared to The English clubs that have won The Champions League 3 times and The Europa League twice. Their ever presence in the Semi Final stages is even more impressive, representing La Liga 13 times by 7 different teams in the past 15 years.

Another thing I see people saying is that ‘You wouldn’t see Man City beat Aston Villa 10-2’ after Real Madrid beat Rayo Vallecano 10-2. But that’s not down to how poor the bottom half of La Liga is, It’s down to how dominant the top half is. How can English teams expect to dominate Europe when they can’t even dominate a lower league club?

All the best players in the world want to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona and all the other players want to play against Real Madrid or Barcelona. I doubt the best players grow up dreaming of playing for Manchester City or Chelsea, The only club in England you can say that players dream of playing for is Manchester United and you can see how far they’ve fallen recently. The demise of Man Utd would never happen in a million years to the likes of Real or Barca. They would never appoint a manager of the calibre of David Moyes either. Barca like to appoint in-house coaches or managers that know the set up like the back of their hand.

In Conclusion, Many of the fans of the EPL are confusing competitiveness with quality, The Premier League is definitely more popular but it’s clear to me that La Liga is still the benchmark for quality that other leagues need to strive for. The Prem is driven by one thing and one thing only, Money. Until that changes, La Liga will continue to find ways to innovate, grow and put a better quality product on the pitch both domestically and nationally.

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    Aaron C-Reid says:

    Great article Luke, enjoyed it. Keep it up

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    Anonymous says:
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    Kieran says:

    La Liga is the best because of the champions league? Okay, as far as I can see this article is based on the respective leagues, not how teams perform in Europe.

    6 different clubs have won the prem since 1992, not exactly just a two horse race, is it.

    Only 2/3 Leicester players would make it? Bold statement.

    Rather be Rayo Vallecano than Stoke? Haha

    If La Liga was financially supported better? Well it’s not is it. If the Polish league has billions it would be quite strong too.

    They may make better players, but most of them end up coming to England anyway.

  4. lol, what a load of nonsense. La liga is barca & real plus 18 pub teams. They are so successful in champions league because they only have to turn up to win matches. How many hat tricks does Suarez have in his last few games? It’s like he’s playing Norwich every single week because that is the standard of la liga.

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