What Has Happened To David Moyes?

What Has Happened To David Moyes?
Jun 25, 2017


After Sunderland’s relegation to the Championship for the first time since 2007, David Moyes’s reputation is low as it could be since his resignation in May. Moyes eventually resigned due to the backlash from supporters after finishing bottom of the Premier League.

It was the Scotsman’s third job he had left in the last three seasons, with Moyes getting the sack after having a period in Spain with Real Sociedad and also succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, only lasting ten months before the inevitable happened.

Moyes’s time at Sunderland ended badly with a poor string performances on the pitch as well as disheartening results. Fall out’s with owner Ellis Short alongside players and staff, tensions ran high with the likes of Lamine Koné and others refusing to play in the last game of the season. What didn’t help, was the medical staff reportedly covering the players’ backs, saying certain players were not available for selection when indeed, they were.

Ever since leaving Everton, Moyes has gained bad habits when speaking to the media in terms of downplaying a lot of his team’s expectations in the last few years. Whilst at Manchester United, the 54-year-old said: “We played a good Manchester City side and we inspire ourselves to get at that level.” During his time at Real Sociedad, Moyes played down the target of achieving European football, a comment which upset supporters at the time, provoking questions of his credentials of being a manager at the top level.

Whilst at Everton, Moyes had more of a positive mentality when he spoke to media outlets on the topic of ambition for the blue half of Merseyside. Suggesting a club under his guidance will struggle to reach wanted targets will unlikely motivate players and diminish morale around the club. Whatever Moyes believed he was doing, it wasn’t viewed the same way by everyone else.

The last couple of years sadly has made Moyes a helpless figure. The lack of personality needed to be a success at the top level of management is perhaps one of Moyes’ downfalls. Looking at the top clubs in English management, Jürgen Klopp, Antonio Conte, José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola all have something about them, making players want to play for them due to their winning mentality. This is the opposite of one David Moyes, who, when at Manchester United, produced the wrong mentality, especially in the bigger games.

The game against Liverpool in March 2014 is one that really sticks out. Moyes’ mentality was all wrong, he played very negative football and ended up on the end of a three-nil thumping at Old Trafford.

The advice he has taken off ex-managers, such as Sam Allardyce and Sir Alex Ferguson, has not helped him in one bit. As both managers told him the quality of the squad was a lot better than it actually was, this is something Moyes obviously believed, especially at Manchester United. Taking over a squad of players who had just won the title, he soon realised that the squad was on the decline quickly, and arguably it was only because of Ferguson’s ability, especially at man-management, which earned United the title the year before.

Expectation is something Moyes seems to struggle with ever since he has left Goodison Park in 2013. Clubs like Manchester United are expected to be in around the top of the league and certainly expected to be Europe’s premier competition, the Champions League, every year. The pressure mounted on his shoulders last season at the Stadium of Light took its toll, with the ex-Black Cats boss joking he would slap a female reporter after receiving questions over his future.

Moyes must be wondering how his decline occurred in such a short space of time. Ever since he left Everton, which he may regret now, his career has gone downhill. Perhaps the Toffee’s where the safest place for Moyes, given the stability put in place by him and owner at the time, Bill Kenwright.

Since then, a stint at Old Trafford really was the key for his reputation to be tarnished, as he was picked as the ‘Chosen One’ to take over from Sir Alex, but ultimately failed to live up to the expectation, Sociedad started well, but his comments before his first full season about not challenging for European football did not go down well with the fans or the club’s President, Jokin Aperribay. With Sunderland, you could say that it was not solely his fault, as off-field problems, in terms of Ellis Short wanting to sell the club and massive debts racking up at the club, playing a part. However, performances led to another reputation ruiner as Moyes was relegated for the first time in his management career.

There is still time for Moyes to turn it around and re-build his reputation, the question is does he still have the drive to get back into management? Is any club in England going to give him a job? Probably not. Moyes still has a future in the game but whoever decides to take him on board next is taking a big, big gamble. Due to his failures in recent years, it would almost certainly be Moyes’ last chance in the managerial hot seat.

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