Serie B – The Best League Around That You Are Not Watching

Serie B – The Best League Around That You Are Not Watching
Dec 31, 2017

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Football right now is at its peak of glory. The fame, the money, the technology – however it has become so normal that the original routes of football have seemed to disappear. For example, Liverpool and the infamous Kop end. Which nowadays is just as intimidating as those sitting in the family end.

From a personal view, the clubs in England have lost that connection with their supporters. But not across Italy. Other countries, of course, have not lost that connection either, however, that is just one reason to why Serie B is the best league that you aren’t watching.

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First of all, the fans have an unconditional love for their club and the club treat the fans with great respect, not like customers. Ticket prices are immensely cheap allowing the working class to affordably attend the games of their beloved club. Fans are rewarded for investing their hard worked money into their adored teams.

Tickets can be bought on the day and for affordable prices, often 10 euros. Disabled fans are allowed free entry at clubs like Venezia. The football is a culture for the people. A proper culture, not just West Ham fans scattered across London with Fred Perry jackets. A culture where the football club can define and affect the town of the club.

Financially, football can really boost cities across the country. You, the fans, make that happen. Not a TV deal. Furthermore, the stadiums are built to invite for there to be chants, pyro etc. Imagine seeing that in a thirty-seven thousand capacity Stadio Renzo Barbera, home of top of the league team Palermo. Don’t get that at The Emirates eh?

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The league includes some big teams too, which brings in high numbers of fans all creating a hostile atmosphere. including eight-time Serie A winners Pro Vercelli, Palermo who are the home of world-class striker Paulo Dybala (and Kyle Lafferty… no?) and Parma who are one of just thirteen Italian clubs to have won multiple major titles.

But the main thing that you are missing out on is the competitiveness. Ten points separate first and tenth, eight points separate twelfth and the bottom of the table. In addition, just 19 points separate the top from the bottom this differs to the top flights in other countries where the title race is already over in the top flight of; Germany, Spain, England and France.

To put it in perspective, the stereotypical ‘most competitive league in the world’ has a 13-point gap between first placed Manchester City and second-placed Chelsea.

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On the other hand, the dark side of Serie B is that once promoted, a near miracle is needed to stay up. The power Serie A has over Serie B is huge, which differs from the championship to the Premier League or the Segunda to La Liga, for example. Italian club Benevento are currently experiencing the struggle this season.

A club who were promoted via the playoffs have recorded four points in nineteen games. The chairman Oreste Vigorito even blamed witchcraft for their bad run. But truth be told, with a lack of funding, the power of Serie A has been too good for them this time around.

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