Top 15 Transfer Announcements Of The 2017 Summer Transfer Window

Top 15 Transfer Announcements Of The 2017 Summer Transfer Window
Sep 1, 2017


If there are two things this summer transfer window has provided the fans, it’s that the market is incredibly inflated and is also full of fun new ways to unveil signings. Whilst the former comes at no shock whatsoever, the latter has allowed the fans of respective clubs to share a laugh of two when unveiling a brand new player. With that being said, here are the fifteen best transfer announcements of the summer transfer window.

15) Jake Gray To Yeovil Town

Following the arrival of a new map feature on the popular social media application Snapchat, Yeovil Town were quick to use the new feature to announce the signing of midfielder Jake Gray. It’s safe to say that many people loved the creative thinking behind the announcement.

14) Stuart Taylor Southampton Contract Renewal

Although not exactly a transfer signing, Southampton made sure to announce the contract renewal of Stuart Taylor in a fun way that took the internet by storm. With many football clubs across the country getting involved in creative announcements, the Saints certainly delivered with this entertaining one minute video.

13) Jesus Navas to Sevilla

Away from the Premier League, Spanish club Sevilla joined the fun with the “kidnapping” of free agent Jesus Navas.

12) Aaron Taylor-Sinclair to Plymouth Argyle

We’re still scratching our heads at this one.

11) Mohamed Salah to Liverpool

Liverpool were waiting for weeks to see their record breaking signing Mohamed Salah in a Reds shirt. It’s safe to say he announced himself in the best way possible.

10) Roque Mesa To Swansea City

Who knew a simple English language lesson could result in the signing of a top midfielder?

9) Neymar To Paris Saint-Germain

Whilst this isn’t full of entertainment or memories like some of the other announcements on this list, Neymar to PSG earns a spot for smashing the all-time transfer record, setting a new record at £198 million. Sometimes, a simple announcement is the perfect way of making a statement.

8) Lorenzo Pellegrini To AS Roma

AS Roma were one of the most consistent when it came to intriguing announcements, and this video of Lorenzo Pellegrini playing as himself on FIFA 17 was perfect!

7) Aleksandr Kolarov to AS Roma

After a lot of clubs across Europe took advantage of unique and quirky video announcements, Roma continued this trend with this hilarious plan to announce the arrival of full back Aleksandar Kolarov.

6) Andre Gray to Watford

Taking into consideration the originality of a lot of announcements, we’re surprised no one thought of this sooner.

5) Antonio Rudiger to Chelsea

We have no idea what Chelsea were thinking with this one, but the video itself, as well as the fan reaction afterwards, was hilarious!

4) John Terry To Aston Villa

Another interesting way to announce a signing, and again we’re surprised no one thought of this sooner! Great way for Aston Villa to announce the arrival of an England legend.

3) Patrick Schick to AS Roma

Back at it again with AS Roma, and we just have no idea what to say with this one. It seems like they were having too much fun announcing players.

2) Wilfried Bony to Swansea City

A very nice, and touching, way for Wilfried Bony to cement his return to Swansea. Although not filled with humour or some quirky features, the return of a fan-favourite through this announcement was perfect.

1) Come To Besiktas.

And to finish off the list… Come to Besiktas!

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