The national newspaper that changed the footballing world

The national newspaper that changed the footballing world
Nov 20, 2016


For years, football fans have put up with the lies, controversy and frankly hypocritical journalism supplied by the country’s most hated tabloid newspaper – The Sun. It’s typical of tabloid newspapers, such as the Daily Mirror, to print hypocritical rubbish and exclusives which aren’t exactly true, but the Sun takes this to a whole new level.

Don’t buy The Sun. 

The tabloid made its name in 1989 when it published the so-called ‘truth’ about the devastating Hillsborough disaster in which 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives. The Sun demonised victims of the disaster by claiming that the fans urinated on the police officers and robbed the dead. Both were found to be untrue. The stories caused unbelievable distress to the families of the victims. It was only in 2012 (23 years after the first story was published) that the Sun apologised for the story and the distress it may have caused.

Don’t buy The Sun.


The paper prides itself on being a paper for the working class men and women of this country, but this scandal just proved otherwise. It’s fair to say the vast majority of Liverpool fans are working class people and the story blatantly attacked those fans and gave them a name that was unfair and extremely insensitive without having solid facts. For what? So they could have an exclusive story that could help the tabloid get attention and views. What they did was wrong on so many levels, but the thing that makes it even worse is that they haven’t changed a thing. Still today the Sun demonises the innocent in order to get the views they desperately need to survive in a dying tabloid market.

Don’t buy The Sun.

The Sun was again making headlines this week with an exclusive story on England captain Wayne Rooney and his team-mates Adam Lallana and Jordan Henderson’s antics during the international break. Questions were made over the purpose of the story by pundits and even Wayne Rooney himself.



The England skipper said that his treatment showed “a lack of respect”.

“It feels as if the media are trying to write my obituary and I won’t let that happen,”

This is a very valid point Rooney makes. A lot of tabloid papers use footballer’s controversies to alter their careers or position in the team. The only difference when other tabloids do this is they base their reasoning on something that is worthy of altering a footballer’s career or position in a team. However, the Sun are basing their story off Rooney drinking alcohol during his free time. How do they justify this? It’s simply poor journalism.

Don’t buy The Sun.

The worst part of the Sun, is their disgraceful sports headlines. As many people will have seen already, the Sun used this headline to report the news that Chesterfield footballer, Ched Evans, was found innocent of rape charges.


They refer to Ched Evans as “a complete slimeball who treat women like dirt”. First of all, the man has been proven innocent so there is no context behind this statement. Secondly, they also show an almost fully naked woman next to the headline. Once again the Sun has demonised a footballer without any context behind it and have proven themselves to be hypocrites by having a misogynist attitude.

Don’t buy The Sun.

All things considered, for those who are looking for juicy gossip based on complete lies and bias from the writers, the Sun newspaper is probably perfect for you. However, if you are looking for a paper that provides the facts, isn’t biased and doesn’t use all of its powers to demonise football fans and footballers themselves do NOT buy the Sun newspaper.

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