Sam Allardyce: The biggest mistake since… Roy Hodgson

Sam Allardyce: The biggest mistake since… Roy Hodgson
Jul 17, 2016


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Sam Allardyce as England manager? Do be serious. Surely, after the failings of Roy Hodgson, the FA cannot be looking at the idea of ‘Big Sam’ with a straight face. After all, what has he actually achieved in his career? What does he actually bring to the table?

When the news first broke out that Allardyce had a meeting with the FA over the England managerial job I thought it was yet another ‘Big Sam’ joke. But it seems that the claims were genuine and fairly soon we could have him in charge of our national side.

He’s built an entire career on keeping mediocre clubs in the Premier League, that’s literally it. He keeps weak sides in England’s top 20. He did a good job at Bolton, finishing 6th in the 04/05 season but then again he was given 6 years to build a squad there.

He was sacked by Blackpool after 2 years. He had half a season at Notts County and finished bottom. He was sacked by Newcastle in 2008. He was sacked by Blackburn in 2010. His contract wasn’t renewed at West Ham. He left all those clubs in mid-table obscurity.

Sounds like the perfect man to take over.allardyce









After 22 years in management, do you not think there is a reason no top side has ever approached him to take a managerial job at the very top level?

Look at his CV, what has he genuinely done that can be called an achievement? Won the championship play offs with West Ham? Bolton and Blackpool are the only 2 clubs where he managed to sustain a win percentage of over 40%.

What sort of style do you think us England fans would be treated to with Allardyce at the helm? If you could even call it a style. I doubt we will see the likes of Alli, Barkley, Kane and Vardy flourish under him. But I do look forward to seeing some solid performances from Stewart Downing.

I’m not saying he’s a bad manager, not by any stretch of the imagination, he’s actually really good at his job. If you are a club struggling to stay in the Premier League, then by all means he is the perfect candidate. But as an England supporter myself, I have a little more ambition than Sam Allardyce. He has never, in 22 years, demonstrated anything that suggests he could do a brilliant job at international level, at least Roy took Fulham to the Europa League Final.

He did what he was brought in to do at Sunderland, secure Premier League status, however was it really that big it merits an international job? They finished above Villa, Norwich and Newcastle. All of which had a mare.

Sam Allardyce is just another Roy Hodgson, I’m pretty sure that in 4 years-time we will be back to square one, hating the national side again, wanting the manager out, disappointed after failing in both the World Cup 2018 and the monstrosity that is Euro 2020. There are hundreds of Allardyce’s out there, managers who can take a club to mid-table irrelevance. Tony Pulis is doing it right now.

There are plenty of other options out there, the likes of Eddie Howe and potentially Gary Neville. If you are like myself and don’t mind where the England manager comes from as long as they are good at their job, Jürgen Klinsmann, Manuel Pellegrini, Roberto Mancini or even Mark Hughes.


I just want a manager that can get me excited about our national side; makes me look forward to my trips to Wembley on a Tuesday night, makes me enthusiastic about going into a major tournament, makes me believe we can actually achieve something. The heartbreak has been going on for far too long now, the disappointment, the agony, the failure. Sam Allardyce isn’t going to put an end that continuous cycle, he’s not going to be the answer to our problems.

Sam Allardyce; the biggest mistake since …Roy Hodgson.



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