Four Clubs Cristiano Ronaldo Should Consider Moving To If He Leaves Real Madrid

Four Clubs Cristiano Ronaldo Should Consider Moving To If He Leaves Real Madrid
Jun 17, 2017

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The end of another season means the beginning of headline-grabbing transfer rumours. Kylian Mbappé to Arsenal? Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea? Diego Costa to Atletico Madrid? All of these rumours have been dominating the media, but the latest rumour has sent online forums into overdrive: Cristiano Ronaldo may be pushing for a move away from Real Madrid. Yes, this rumour seems to surface every single year, but this time it seems that the rumour may have some legs.

The Portuguese forward has recently been embroiled in a tax dodging scandal in his adoptive home of Spain, and this may encourage him to jump ship to a new team. So the question is, where next for Ronaldo if he does decide to leave? Here are 4 choices that look most likely for the mega star, and why each team should sign him up.

DREAM: Manchester United

This is one of those rumours that never seems to go away. Similar to the idea of Neymar joining PSG, this rumour surfaces every year with disturbing frequency. But could a return to the Manchester giants truly be on the cards for Ronaldo? Possibly. For a start, Ronaldo has openly stated his love of the club and this could be the driving force behind a return for United’s prodigal son. Similarly, the United punters have a deep, passionate love of Cristiano, with his name still being sung in the terraces of Old Trafford many years after his initial departure. The move is certainly a dream for Manchester United fans, along with the marketing side of the club and Adidas, A return to Old Trafford would see Ronaldo’s return smash Paul Pogba’s commercial income, something that would be in the interests of Ed Woodward.

In financial terms, the move seems possible as well. United are one of, if not the biggest, money makers in world football, a fact that has been showcased with the big money signings of players such as  Paul Pogba. If Ronaldo was to leave Madrid this would be his most likely destination, at least in my opinion. However, would United’s higher ups agree to splash the cash on an ageing Cristiano Ronaldo? Only time will tell. And let’s face it, what neutral fan doesn’t want to see Ronaldo back in the Premier League?


Possibly the most extravagant spenders in modern football, a big money move to PSG would definitely appeal to Ronaldo, the Floyd “Money” Mayweather of the football world. PSG would be able to offer Cristiano an earth shattering amount of money to come and play in France. Now while Ronaldo may not be chiefly motivated by materialistic things such as money, cars and fancy houses, the amount of money that the Parisians would be willing to give Ronaldo would make the Dalai Lama himself stop and consider it. Ronaldo may also fancy the challenge of bringing European success to the French side, who are yet to win the Champions League. That being said, Ronaldo will almost definitely see Ligue 1 as a step down from both La Liga and the Premier League. And as one of the most competitive players in world football, this could be the deciding factor that stops Ronaldo from joining PSG.

EMOTIONAL: Sporting Lisbon

The team that gave Ronaldo the platform to become one of the hottest talents in world football way back in the early 2000’s, a return to Portugal may be on the cards for CR7. The Portuguese club is clearly close to Ronaldo’s heart, and an emotional return to the capital city of his homeland could appeal to Cristiano. Now, Lisbon are not in a position to compete with Manchester United or PSG financially, and Madrid’s asking price may be way too high for the comparative minnows. But if Ronaldo really wanted a move back to Portugal, he may be willing to take a gargantuan cut to his wages in order to force the move through. However, the Portuguese league isn’t a huge competition, and Lisbon wouldn’t be able to effectively compete at the European level which may put Ronaldo off. But with football becoming more and more unpredictable, never say never. Speaking of which…

WILDCARD: Barcelona

Now, it goes without saying that I have a better chance of marrying Rihanna than this move actually happening. But can you imagine, just for a second, if Cristiano Ronaldo joined Barcelona? The possibility of an attacking lineup of Neymar, Suarez, Ronaldo and Messi potentially all playing at the same time for the same team is enough to make anyone get extremely excited. And why wouldn’t it? Arguably the best 4 players in world football all on the same team is an idea so unthinkable that I can already imagine what the comments on this article are going to look like.

But if Ronaldo really did want to leave Madrid, what’s stopping him from going to Barcelona? Financially, the move is possible, and the idea of forming what would be possibly the greatest team that football has EVER seen would definitely appeal to Ronaldo’s ego. And it’s not like something similar has never happened before. Ronaldo’s Portuguese compatriot Luis Figo shook the world up when he jumped ship from Barca to Real Madrid, so why couldn’t this move happen? While I’m 100% NOT saying that this move is on the cards, I have to admit that this would be my preferred destination for Ronaldo, purely because the idea of that attacking lineup is too hard for me to resist. However, this move has so little chance of happening that I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it will never come to fruition.

Overall, if Ronaldo is to leave Madrid (which is not yet set in stone), a move to Manchester United is his most likely destination, for me. However, it would be foolish for anyone to rule out a move elsewhere for the enigmatic CR7. With many other destinations running through the rumour mill including China, America and Arsenal (No, really), only one man knows what Cristiano wants to do with his future. And until official word comes out from either Ronaldo or Madrid, we’ll just have to keep on speculating and dreaming that he’ll move to our club of choice.

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