“Suarez has psychological problems” according to his former agent.

“Suarez has psychological problems” according to his former agent.
Apr 8, 2016


Luis Suarez claimed on Montecarlo TV that his ex-agent owes him 20 percent of the fee of his transfer in 2006 from Nacional to Groningen at the start of his successful career.

Fonseca, who played for the likes of Napoli, Roma and Juventus publicly embarrassed and attacked the Uruguayan, who is in top form after a brace against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.

Due to the 46-year-old being accused of owing Luis Suarez money, Fonseca turned into a madman coming out with some tragic and delusional quotes.

“He’s lying, because he is a child who shows that he has psychological problems, for sure, we know that.”

“That’s why he is seeing a psychologist, but it’s not giving him the effect he desired.”

“He should change his psychologist, or see a psychiatrist instead.”

“To count you need two fingers, because the kid does not know how to count.”

These comments have not been brushed aside, people have seen it as incredibly disrespectful. Suarez is yet to respond on the comments made about him.

I doubt it will effect Suarez’s game as he is very professional and things off the pitch shouldn’t effect his performance. I also doubt that Suarez will turn a blind eye to it though. He surely has seen them, what his reaction is, who knows? Suarez is very temperamental. Psychological problems is a step too far.

He should not retaliate, but as we all know he can retaliate as he has been racist, to Patrice Evra, and has bitten players at Ajax, Liverpool and in the World Cup with Uruguay against Italy to pick himself up a three month ban. Maybe the agent was right!

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