Aleksandar Dragović: What Can Leicester City Expect?

Aleksandar Dragović: What Can Leicester City Expect?
Sep 7, 2017

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Despite the current debacle surrounding the transfer of Adrien Silva, Leicester City’s transfer window can be considered a stand out success. This was arguably the window that The Foxes needed last summer, Kelechi Iheanacho should add real quality to their striking options, Vicente Iborra brings a wealth of experience and ability to the midfield and in Harry Maguire, they have one of England’s brightest centre half prospects.

However, the signing of  Dragović is arguably the move that raises the most intrigue for City fans, largely because he is not as well known as the other new additions.

To get an insight into what Leicester can expect from their loanee, we spoke to Alastair and Anna, two members of the ‘Bayer Leverkusen UK Fan Club’ ()

Dragović Has Been At Bayer For Two Seasons Now, What Is Your Opinion On His Quality?

“What is crucial about Dragović is that he certainly has the ability be a good and confident defender, but this often depends on his surroundings. In order to play well, he must be comfortable, in a good mood and, most importantly, he must have a solid CB partner. Also, he’s very prone to crucial mistakes, as he switches off for a split second from time to time.”

“These mistakes can be terribly costly and he’s the one to blame for goals even when he has defended solidly for the rest of the time. Playing in the Ukrainian league previously didn’t help due to the gulf in quality between the league and the Bundesliga, which I believe affected his confidence.”

“Having said that, our defence as a whole suffered last season due to tactical decisions; our full-backs played very high up the field and were more like wingers, meaning our centre backs were out of position and exposed – so Dragović is certainly not entirely to blame”

Do You See Him Adapting To The Fast Pace Of The Premier League?

“It’s going take some time, certainly, but he’s not injury-prone and has high stamina, I’ve never really seen him tired after playing many matches in a row, which might be useful with the Premier League’s fixture congestion issues.” 

“On his style of play, he’s not fast, but, he’s good at both man marking and zonal defending and reads the game well. With the ball, he likes to play short out of the defence and is solid in possession. He is prone to picking up unnecessary card, though.”

Will Dragović Be Able To Keep Wes Morgan & Robert Huth Out Of The Starting Eleven?

“Not really, but I can easily see him used in rotation or if one of them ends up injured. He can look good alongside any of the other options, as all three are just the kind of centre-halves he likes to be partnered with, big, confident and commanding.”

On the whole, it would appear that the consensus is that the Austrian international is still developing but definitely has the potential to become a strong, ball playing centre-half for Craig Shakespeare’s side. Under the guidance of the more experienced members of the Foxes’ defence, and with Austrian compatriot Christian Fuchs alongside him, the errors in his game could well be cut out; at only 26 he is still reasonably young, and with 54 international caps to his name already he also possesses a wealth of experience.

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