FOUR Myths Of The 2016/17 Premier League Season

FOUR Myths Of The 2016/17 Premier League Season
May 7, 2017


Is everything we’ve heard about this season really true? Or there are some exaggerations? We take a close look at some of the major things we have heard during this season.

4: ‘The Premier League Is The Best League In The World’

To show that your league is the best league in the world, you must prove it on the big stage. This season, six clubs have been fighting for the top four spot. Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal. Of course, Chelsea went on to steam ahead and pretty much guarantee their Champions League slot for next season, as well as crowning themselves Champions. However, this provides fans of the league the argument that it is the best league in the world, which isn’t true in my opinion.

With only four (4) semi-finalists in the past 7 seasons of the UEFA Champions League, you really start to think about the Premier League’s claim to be the best.

In terms of quality, the Premier League has a handful of players at the world class level, other leagues can boast of many world class players and talents. The last time a Premier League player won the Ballon D’or was in 2008. Since then, the Premier League has not even had a nominee in the final three.  

Fans of the Premier League often claim competing leagues to be a one or two team league, but the truth is the gap in quality of the teams is very clear. In the Premier League, the top half play possession football while the rest of the teams play variations of ‘Pulisball’. Nevertheless, the league lives for moments; like Sergio Aügero’s 93rd-minute title winner or the 2015/16 Leicester fairy tale. The Premier League will always be the most exciting league in the world.

3: ‘John Stones Isn’t Good Enough’ 

John Stones is arguably one of England’s best defenders. He has come in for a lot of criticism on his playing style. Stones is not the type of defender to rush into crunching challenges and clear the ball; he looks up and picks the best pass available. At his age, his ball playing is both exceptional and dangerous at the same time especially in a high pressing Pep Guardiola side.

Stones is not high up in the tackles or clearance statistics like other English defenders. Playing alongside resident bearded maniac Otamendi has not helped; it has been evident that when  Stones has played alongside older, calmer heads in the city team, he seems more composed in defence. His price tag does not help either, and as such he gets stick for any little mistake he commits.

Make no mistake, John Stones is NOT a terrible defender; he has all the ability to make a world-class centre back and under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola, Stones has the world at his feet.

2: ‘N’Golo Kante Is A Holding Midfielder’

Many fans and pundits alike have always labelled the 2016/17 PFA player of the year as a ‘holding’ or ‘defensive’ midfielder. They fail to see the bigger picture; Kante does a lot more than tackling and running. Players in Kante’s mould often depend on their mobility and stamina, but since his move to Chelsea, he has added a few more skills to his overall play. To limit him to one role in the team is outrageous.

N’Golo Kante is more than a holding midfielder; he has developed his game to become more of a Box-to-Box destroyer; he wins the ball all over the pitch before driving into space to release more attacking options. He often plays higher up the pitch than his midfield partner. Kante is a well-rounded player with intelligent positioning and distribution; he is also very reliable on the ball.

 1. ‘Paul Pogba Hasn’t Performed And Has Been A Huge Letdown’

Do not let the price tag deceive you, Paul Pogba has improved Manchester United’s midfield tenfold since his arrival. His constant movement on and off the ball keeps the team ticking, and without hi, Manchester United often struggle. He keeps the ball moving forward, progressing from Louis Van Gaal’s reign of sideways passing.

Without the Frenchman, Manchester United lack that spark that can open up a game. If not Zlatan Ibrahimovic and other United attackers’ woeful conversion rate, Pogba would be up in the assists category. Paul Pogba has been one of United’s best performers this season even though he has operated in a deeper role, that goes to show the quality of midfielder that Jose Mourinho has at his disposal.

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