Everything You Need To Know About FIFA 18

Everything You Need To Know About FIFA 18
Jun 8, 2017

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A few days ago, Electronic Arts unveiled the first trailer for the next title in their FIFA video game series, and the biggest shock of them all is that Cristiano Ronaldo is the face of it. For years, a sponsorship deal with Lionel Messi meant the Argentinian would be the star of every game, year by year, but now, it’s Ronaldo’s time to step up. Don’t know much about the latest game? Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about FIFA 18, thus far.

Release Date, Platforms, Old-Gen

In the first trailer, it was revealed that the game will officially launch around the world on the 29th of September, meaning if you’re an avid fan of the series, there are only 113 days to go!

Unsurprisingly, all of the platforms the game will be released on are near enough the exact same as prior years, they are as followed; Xbox One (Scorpio), PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


Unfortunately for last-gen players, an official statement on the trailer reads; “Frostbite game engine technology and The Journey: Hunter Returns mode are available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platform versions only. Not all features available on all platforms.”

FIFA 17 was significantly reduced for both the Xbox 360 and Ps3 – as the hardware for the consoles wasn’t able to handle the newer Frostbite game engine. This means users of these games might receive a near identical version of the game, similar to how Xbox and PS2 players were treated in the past.

The Nintendo Switch

Interestingly, during a press conference, Eurogamer noticed that EA Sports had confirmed that two different FIFA video games will be released to the public on September 29th.

During their EA Play 2017 press conference, the two games in the franchise will be unveiled in the names of FIFA 18, and, “EA Sports FIFA on the Nintendo Switch”.

Albeit unable to run the Frostbite game engine, users of the Nintendo Switch will be given a completely different version of the ordinary FIFA 18 game to play, probably to comply with the unique gaming mechanics that the Switch offers its players. Unfortunately for these players, they will also be missing out on the famous “The Journey” game mode.

Legends Are GONE!

Following the expiration of Mircosoft’s contract with Electronic Arts, the original Legend cards as part of the Ultimate Team game mode have been removed and replaced with Icon cards. This could potentially be because of the fact that Microsoft trademarked the legend idea, with PlayStation players suffering for years as they were unable to play with legend players.

However, it is believed that the introduction of the Icon cards are simply a place-holder of their former cards and will simply transition to Icons, in order to provide for their multi-platform audience. This, in particular, is good news for PlayStation and PC players, as they have been unable to play with the rare cards since their introduction in FIFA 14.

The Pre-Order Editions


The Icon Edition pre-order bonus is the most expensive of the three deals, but also comes with the most content overall.

Players will be able to play the game three days early and will also get a lot of bonuses for their Ultimate Team including two loan cards, Cristiano Ronaldo and the first Icon card, Ronaldo Nazario.

This edition is only available to players of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and will cost you £89.99


The Ronaldo Edition pre-order bonus is another pricey addition and comes with some good content, but is not as good as the Icon edition.

Unlike getting two jumbo premium gold packs per week for 20 weeks, players of this bonus will only get one pack a week. However, players will still get a Cristiano Ronaldo loan card as well as the ability to play the game three days early.

Just like the Icon edition, this edition is only available to players of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, but will instead cost you £79.99


The Standard Edition pre-order bonus is awarded to every single person who pre-orders the game and gives them some benefits for their Ultimate Team.

Just like with the other editions, the player will be given a Cristiano Ronaldo loan card as well as eight, special edition kits for their team to use. However, they will not be given as many packs to open, only receiving one per week for five weeks.

This edition is only available to players of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and will cost you £49.99

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