How To Perform A SECRET Skill Move In FIFA 18

How To Perform A SECRET Skill Move In FIFA 18
Sep 26, 2017

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With EA Sports’ releasing their new game, FIFA 18, as the new simulation game in the FIFA franchise, some people have already begun finding hints and secrets that can help enhance the playability of the game.

Skill moves are a very fun aspect of the FIFA video games and help dictate the way a person plays the game. The options menu on the pause screen displays a wide variety of skill moves that particular players can perform, but there is also a secret skill move included that can not be found anywhere else.

In order to perform this skill move, you must hold down the L1/LT and flick the analog stick up before flicking it either left or right depending on the way in which the ball is travelling.

The El Tornado skill move allows for the player to uniquely flick the ball up and is extremely limited in who can perform it. With a player database of over 2,000 players, the only players capable of performing this skill are; Cristiano Ronaldo, Dele Alli, Antoine Griezmann, and also, Roberto Carlos.

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