Should England introduce a ‘B’ team?

Should England introduce a ‘B’ team?
Apr 23, 2016


In La Liga, most of the teams in that league have ‘B’ side. This is similar to a reserve team; it is used to give young players in the academy or squad players who sporadically play, a chance to prove themselves in a lower league to play competitively.


If a ‘B’ team find themselves in a promotion spot at the end of the season, they are not allowed to go up with the first side. This scenario occurred six years ago with Barcelona B winning the Liga Adelante (second division), but they didn’t get promoted. Instead, the team who came 3rd went up automatically and the playoff places went from fourth place to seventh place.

Barca B


If clubs in the premier league were to have ‘B’ teams, it simply wouldn’t be fair. Spain has had it in place for a number of years, whereas it would be unfair to put let’s say every team from league 1 to league 2 and league 2 teams to the conference etc.


This will likely not be the case, what I imagine would happen is that a league 3 would be introduced as the financial rewards will increase compared to the Conference, not by much, but still more than teams in the Conference.


This would benefit bigger teams more than the smaller teams. For example, Chelsea has 28 players out on loan that could be played in a ‘B’ side. Players Moses, Piazon, Marin, Kalas and more. These are quality players that, if played together in a team, would benefit Chelsea more.


B teams would be excellent for the leagues, would be more effective if the FA changes its policy on the amount of home-grown players which must be in the first team. Increase it to say 2-5 of the whole squad. Then interest would build up more and maybe the national side might have a better future.


Many players in La Liga have come through a team’s ‘B’ team. Saul, Koke, Inaki Williams and more. Those players are the future of the Spanish side; England could compete to win a major tournament if it was introduced.


But is it too late? I honestly think it is, in Spain, the system has been going for years and England should have acted faster in the idea. It is too awkward to create ‘B’ sides and majority of clubs would not want ‘B’ teams to be introduced.


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