Diving; The Dark Side Of Tiki-Taka

Diving; The Dark Side Of Tiki-Taka
May 11, 2016


Tiki-taka is a way of playing football, which was and is often used by Barcelona, they developed a play of tiki-taka football under Pep Guardiola. Tiki-taka is a way of playing football which consists of quick passing on the ball, and quick movement off the ball. The team playing tiki-taka football has most of the possession with team-mates surrounding the player on the ball.




In Guardiola’s first year at the Spanish side, Barcelona became the first Spanish club to win the domestic cup, the league, and the European club title in the same season. Something that was achieved under Guardiola and his tiki-taka style of play. It was brilliant to watch from a neutral perspective, although they saw out games so comfortably with the amount of possession Barcelona had. This was mainly due to the way their midfielders play with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta and Sergi all bossing the midfield.


Next year however, there was a change. Despite another great season for Barcelona, when things didn’t go their way in the Champions League, they were cheating, to put it bluntly. They played Inter Milan in the semi-finals of the Champions League and were knocked out 3-2 on aggregate. The game is infamously known for Sergi’s dive, unfortunately. Thiago Motta’s hands touched Busquets’s face, and the Spanish midfielder went down like he had been shot! Motta saw red for Sergi’s playacting, and the photo below is evidence of his disgraceful dive.




I am not targeting Barcelona however, this occurs in every club in La Liga nowadays. In other leagues, you may see an occasional dive from a player to try and win his side a penalty, however in La Liga it is happening 5-6 times a game. From all clubs. This is the dark side of tiki-taka.


Tiki-taka has created a generation of players that are so used to playing on that ball, that on the prospect of playing an equally competitive defensive effort, they tend to dive. La Liga officials have a terrible reputation too, and with reason, so players feel the need to roll around to get the referee’s attention.


  1. This makes spanish football unwatchable but a problem here too, watch west ham, as they have a good free kick taker around the box down they go

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