David McNally resigns, where does this leave Norwich City’s future?

David McNally resigns, where does this leave Norwich City’s future?
May 9, 2016


A messy season with a messy end. Alike eating soup with a fork, Norwich’s poor summer, lack of ambition and inability to iron out mistakes has only ended up leaving them in a huge mess.

Rewind to the summer of 2015, the root of our problems. No centre-half, no striker – no spine, no goals, no Premier League survival. You may ask who was to blame. Was it the management team? Partly, yes. Recruitment, yes. David McNally, CEO of Norwich City Football Club at the time, yes!

Today saw the repercussions of our piss poor recruitment; the man who turned a sinking, administration-bound ship into a top flight, Premier League team handed in his form of resignation – that man being David McNally.

Mr. McNally split the Norwich fanbase. Alike marmite, you either loved him or you hated him. Some are delighted to see the back of him, whereas some know that the club could be in great jeopardy.

When David pitched up at Carrow Road in 2009 we were on the brink of folding. But along came McNally who introduced us to his five-year plan, ultimately juggling money with very little backing or support and turning what was a League One side into one of England’s top 20 teams. Every fan needs to recognise what David did for the club, that if his efforts were lost the club would be too.

Paul Lambert, Grant Holt, Alex Neil, a Wembley win, three promotions. Say no more, David McNally has transformed this club into a debt free, well renowned and stable English football club. But with the good comes bad. Two relegations, poor recruitment, poor appointments in Neild Adams and Chris Hughton. This is what spurs me and many other on to say that despite his work in the past to get us to where we are now, he is not the man to carry us further.

With Norwich facing relegation I was asked by a friend if I was bothered about having to watch Championship football. Of course, the obvious reply would be yes, but deep down I knew that even if we were to stay up we would end up nearing relegation every term until eventually we’d get the chop anyhow! Why? Because we lack ambition as a club. The club hasn’t got the drive or know how to move forward as a Premier League club.

This brings me back to my point about McNally. David has done excellent to get us into this position but we do now need a change at the helm to push on and take the next step from being a low Premier League/high Championship side to becoming an established Premier League team with European hopes within the next seven years.

So, yeah, David McNally resigned today, this either spells the beginning or the end. We won’t know until it has happened. Dependent on whether the board appoints the right candidate, over the next three years we now either push on and establish ourselves in the top flight or we sink to the same level as Portsmouth and Blackpool.  That is how serious this moment in history is for the club.

Under McNally, we knew we would always ‘stay up there’. We’d always be at the peak of the Championship or near to the bottom of the Premier League. There was no fear of sinking to the bottom of English football. However, now we’ve taken the risk of aiming to establish ourselves alike Southampton and Swansea through his resignation, it could go horribly wrong, especially if we get things wrong this summer.

Assuming we go down we have to get back up at the first time of asking. So, how do we ensure that happens?

We have to stick with Neil, although given the fact Alex Neil was McNally’s man I fear for his future too. Next, we have to get a new CEO appointed, now! No Norwich, no messing, now (oh and make sure he isn’t utter shite). Lastly, sell all of the money-craving, heartless ‘professionals’ and get them out of our club!

Providing we bring in a passionate CEO who knows a thing or two about football as well as being good at counting his chickens we should be ok, I think. That was the major problem with McNally, after all. A stern businessman with his eye always set on the prize, however, thus proven by recruitment his footballing mind wasn’t all that great.

On top of a new CEO, we’ve got to make a point of getting this squad turned over and shipping out the deadwood. On Saturday against United eight players who started were here in 2012, if that doesn’t show a lack of ambition I don’t know what does. Let’s get rid of those with no heart and buy some professionals with fight – look at Leicester, passion earnt them the title, not money.

A massive turnover is needed in the squad this summer. Players such as Naismith, Whittaker, Jerome, Bassong to name a few need to be sold and replaced. We all know that.

It’s a massive rebuilding job this summer for Norwich City FC. We are in a dark place as it is but if we get things right we should find ourselves in a better place than ever within the next five years. The only problem is, I’m not sure I have the confidence in the board to carry out what is needed…


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    llamaman says:

    Good article, you raise some interesting points, nearly. You write passionately, but also naively. You claim ncfc lack ambition, but fail to provide any evidence…you claim Leicester won the league on passion, yet fail to mention the £10Ms they spent over preceding years or the unprecedented failure of the Big 4, which is by far the biggest reason someone else won it

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