Why Gareth Bale Moving To Manchester United Would Benefit All Parties

Why Gareth Bale Moving To Manchester United Would Benefit All Parties
Aug 9, 2017

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Another transfer window, another Gareth Bale to Manchester United rumour. It’s been some time that Manchester United have had their eyes on Gareth Bale but this time the striking difference is Mourinho has voiced his interest in the Welsh winger in a concrete manner.

“If he plays, it is the clearest signal that he is staying there, he is in the plans of the coach and the club, and it is in his own plans and ambitions to stay there. If he is not in the club’s plans and it is true that a player like Bale is at the departure gate, I will try to be there waiting for him at the other side.”

What is necessary to infer here is that Mourinho has virtually established an Ultimatum between Bale and Real Madrid. This shrewd commentary has intrigued the football fans around the globe still recovering from Neymar’s world record transfer to PSG.

But all is not lost for Real Madrid and in fact selling Bale could be a boon in disguise. Here’s why Bale’s transfer to United could be beneficial to all the parties involved:


Safe to say, Madrid would never want to sell their record signing and one-third of their celebrated trio BBC but it’s possible if you consider the present scenario. Real Madrid have arguably got one of the best young talents in the world, Marco Asensio. Asensio certainly proved his case that he deserves to start, last season and subsequently in the Under-21 European Championship and the Spaniard created more chances and played more key passes than Bale last season even after playing fewer minutes than Gareth Bale.

And, it’s not just Asensio. Real Madrid arguably have the best midfield in the world with a balanced mixture of both experience and youth. Isco, Lucas Vazquez and newly signed, Dani Ceballos have all impressed last season and all of them would be starting for most of the teams in La Liga. The outrageous nature of the talent can be substantiated by the fact that Real Madrid put 4 past a Juventus defence without Bale. All of the reasons considered it won’t be much of a loss for Real Madrid given the wealth of talent they have on their hands.

Not only that, Madrid’s supposed interest in French sensation Kylian Mbappé has meant one of the famous BBC, made up of Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and of course, Gareth Bale, may have to depart. Mbappé is said to be chasing game time ahead of next year’s World Cup and with his future at AS Monaco in doubt, French connections with Zinedine Zidane could be a major pulling factor for the 18-year-old if Los Blancos are interested in him. With Ronaldo unlikely to be leaving and Zidane being a huge fan of Benzema, Bale looks the most likely to leave if Mbappé arrives. A move to Manchester United for the Welshman wouldn’t be a step-down in terms of club stature, meaning it makes perfect sense for both him & Madrid given they need to fund a bid for Monaco’s brightest prospect.


If you ask any United fan on the streets of Manchester if they would want Gareth Bale, putting his injury record aside, it’s likely they wouldn’t take a second to say yes. Bale was at one point of time bullying Premier League sides and Manchester United could certainly do with someone like the 28-year-old who has now won 3 Champions League titles since arriving in Madrid. He would bring a winning mentality that was so prevalent in Fergie’s era. Signing Bale would be the ultimate sign of intent and would definitely make United favourites for the title.

Bale is everything you want in the Premier League: pace, power, technique and goals. And, certainly a Mourinho type player. Moreover, it would take off some pressure off Paul Pogba’s shoulder who’s expected to carry Manchester United by virtue of his price tag. And, we already know what a relaxed Paul Pogba is capable of. Although Bale’s transfer fee will be high, United have the capability to match it financially. Plus, Bale is still 28 and still has at least 4 years of prime footballing ability in him.


It’s been 4 years since Bale moved to the Spanish Capital and has enjoyed unparalleled success both individually and collectively with the team. But the question remains, Is he settled? The answers are nowhere to be found but he has had his share of critics in his time at Real Madrid. Fitness has become an issue and it would only seem logical for him to move to United.

The second point in favour of the transfer would be his personal ambitions. It is no rocket science figuring out that he’d become United’s best player the moment he signs for them having already played in the Premier League and showed the talent he possesses. Given his Euro 2016 performance where he was Wales’ main man, it can be inferred that he enjoys being the top dog in a team.

Now, it remains to be seen if the transfer happens. Zinedine Zidane started Madrid’s record-signing as his side overcame Manchester United by two goals to one in last night’s UEFA Super Cup. However, Madrid’s dominance in European football would only continue with the signing of 18-year-old Kylian Mbappé and the sale of Bale would fund a bid better than any other for the Frenchman’s services.


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