QUIZ: How Many Of These 90’s Footballers Can You Name?

QUIZ: How Many Of These 90’s Footballers Can You Name?
Jan 5, 2018

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Think you know your football? We bet that you can’t get full marks on this quiz without cheating. All you have to do is name the footballers from the 90’s in the picture with the options provided. Sound easy? Give it a go and see if you can beat your friends to find out who is the nostalgia king. If you’re a fan of quizzes from the ninety’s, make sure you have a go at another by clicking here.

Tweet us how you got on @FromTStands and make sure you tag some competitors to see who comes out on top. When tweeting us your score, remember not to include any answers in your screenshot, otherwise it will ruin the quiz for others and could give those you’re competing against a head start! Full credit goes to the creator of the quiz, Tony Cuddihy.

We’ll try to retweet or reply to those sharing their scores with us on our social channels, and if you enjoy content such as this, make sure you let us know and we will try to bring more onto our website for our followers to have fun with. One last thing, nobody has 100% yet, so make sure you share your score as soon as possible if you manage it. Good luck!




  1. Great fun

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