Four Storylines To Watch During The 2017/18 Season

Four Storylines To Watch During The 2017/18 Season
Aug 7, 2017

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Every season there are a few situations around the world that are extremely fun and interesting to watch. Last season people were excited to watch Leicester City’s first Champions League run. During the 2013/14 season, people couldn’t keep themselves from watching Gareth Bale play his first season for Real Madrid. There are many other instances like this every single season, including this season. Here are some storylines you have to pay attention to in the 2017/18 season.

Neymar At PSG

The biggest storyline of the transfer window, the most expensive signing ever, all eyes will be on Neymar this season. On August 3rd, he completed a £198m transfer to Paris Saint-Germain to take himself out of Lionel Messi’s shadow. Now that the 25-year-old is out of the superstar’s shadow, it’s his time to start creating his legacy. Fans will be expecting a lot out of the Brazilian winger due to his price-tag, and rightly so.

Every move Neymar makes this season will be analysed in every way possible, with fans around the world watching his every move. People will be criticising and critiquing Neymar every chance they get, and he will have to be ready for that. It will be interesting to see how the Brazilian superstar does against other top French clubs such as Monaco and Lyon. Neymar will hope to have great performances against other title challengers in Ligue 1 as he hopes to help PSG return the league title to Paris. Many have always questioned if Neymar had the ability to lead a team of his own to glory, and he will now have the opportunity to show he is capable of just that.

The Brazil international’s league form isn’t the only thing fans will be watching. Fans around the world are curious to see how far Neymar is able to take the French giants in the Champions League this year. After a very disappointing round of 16 exit to Neymar’s former club, Barcelona, the Parisian club will definitely be expecting more this upcoming season. If PSG have to play Barcelona at any point during their Champions League run, it will only add another twist to the tale that we would all enjoy to see.

AC Milan’s New Signings

AC Milan have made an incredible 10 additions this summer, headlined by former Juventus centre-back Leonardo Bonucci. When teams make an extraordinary amount of new signings, it is always interesting to see how well they can mesh together, and how quickly they are able to do that. So far, the signings seem to have no problem coming together, shown by their recent performances in the Europa League qualifying rounds, and a 4-0 smashing of Bayern Munich. However, pre-season is a lot different than the Serie A, or the Europa League.

Many questions still surround this team. Will all of these new signings come together quickly and click right away? Is this new, expensive team capable of bringing Milan back to the Champions League? Can all of these new signings potentially see Milan win their first league title since the 2010/11 campaign? These are all questions that the club would love to have positive answers to in 12 months time. The first two questions are very achievable, this team seems to be clicking well at the moment, and Milan look capable of returning to the Champions League for the 2018/19 season. However, the Italian giants seem to be a way off Juventus and don’t look ready to challenge for the title. On the other hand, though, this is football. Anything can happen.

Tottenham at Wembley

Whilst Tottenham’s new ground is being built, the club are going to play all of their home fixtures at Wembley this season. At first glance, this seems exciting and like a good thing for Tottenham. However, when you dig deeper, you see it may not be such a good thing.

In Spurs last nine games at Wembley, they have lost seven, drawn one, and won one. The one win came against CSKA Moscow, and the lone draw coming against Gent, in the Europa League knockout stages. This makes one wonder, is this just bad luck, or are Tottenham just bad at Wembley? Nine games is enough to say that this isn’t bad luck, but it may not necessarily mean that the North London club are bad at Wembley.

Tottenham’s high pressing game that worked so well at White Hart Line isn’t nearly as effective at Wembley and it hurts them a lot. We saw a similar thing occur last season with West Ham, as they moved from the Boleyn Ground to the London Stadium. The move to a much bigger ground definitely affected the Hammers, and this move will also affect Spurs. Tottenham will find it a lot harder to pressure opponent’s at their new ground, however, this isn’t the biggest thing holding Harry Kane and co. back.

The biggest thing that has kept Tottenham from succeeding at Wembley in recent years is confidence. A few losses at the biggest ground in England in some massive games and it can really hurt your confidence. Spurs are clearly lacking confidence when they do play in Wembley these days. It’s shown by getting run off the pitch by Monaco in the Champions League, and by conceding an un-Spurs like four goals to Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final. For Tottenham to succeed this season they must get over the mental hurdle that is their lack of confidence at Wembley. A few wins at “home” early in the season could help Spurs in a big way.

Can Anyone Dethrone Real Madrid?

Real Madrid have won the past two Champions Leagues, and have won three of the last four. Zinedine Zidane’s side have asserted a dominance in European football that is rarely seen, and they are now the team to beat in Europe. Every time Los Blancos play now, domestically or continentally, they will have a target on their backs. The question is, will they be able to continue their dominance, or will someone overtake them?

This will be especially fun to watch in the Champions League, as three contenders to win the competition year in, year out, were eliminated by Madrid in last years competition. Bayern Munich, Atlético Madrid, and Juventus will all be looking for the chance to get their shot at Real, as will Barcelona as always. That’s without mentioning a Neymar infused PSG team who may just believe this could be their year. With all five of those European giants looking for their shot at Real Madrid, one has to wonder whether they will be able to win their third straight Champions League. Only time will tell.

  1. you addressed great topics. do you think neymar will be able to lead PSG and become the face of the franchise or stay focused on personal expectations?

    • Avatar
      Jack Coogan says:

      I think Neymar will do great things with PSG, and even win a Champions League one day, and possibly a Balon d’Or along with it. However I think it will be hard for him to win multiple Balon d’Or’s as Ligue 1 is considered weak

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