Exclusive Interview With Ex-Watford Man Alfie Young

Exclusive Interview With Ex-Watford Man Alfie Young
Jul 7, 2016


I got the opportunity to talk to ex-Watford defender Alfie Young following his release from The Hornets a month ago. I asked the youngster a few questions about his time at the club, here is what he had to say.


Firstly, how did working with Harry Kewell help you grow as a player?


“He was a really good one to one manager, and help me understand various things, as he was a wide player he taught me what they would be thinking and how to combat that defensively.


What was your best experience at Watford FC?


I’ve had a few good experiences with Watford, it would have to be between getting my professional contract and spending pre-season with the first team as they prepared for their first season back in the premier league, I also really enjoyed our tour to India this season where we ended up playing in from 20,000+ people which was a great experience!


Do you take inspiration from players like Luke O’Nien, for example, to prove that you can be an established professional footballer following being released?


100%, knowing Luke personally it just shows how much attitude, hard work and determination goes a long way, a lot of players have ability but don’t match that and I think that’s what is most important, keeping a strong and positive attitude.

Over the summer break, how do you keep yourself match fit?


Watford gave me a summer programme to stick to so I have just tried to stick to that, I’ve been running and playing football with friends to make sure I am in good shape.


Who were you closest with at your time at Watford?


It would have to be some of the boys that I went to school with, so wild probably be Dennon Lewis, Carl Stewart.


Lastly, do you have any regrets at Watford?



None at all! Really enjoyed my time there and have nothing but good memories, thankful

For everything the club done for me during my 8 years there!

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