Why are flares not allowed if you are a football fan?

Why are flares not allowed if you are a football fan?
Mar 11, 2016



From a football fan’s perspective, flares are brilliant. Personally I love flares. I am more than a passionate fan, who believes that flares should be legal to bring them into a football ground in the English leagues across all four leagues, if used correctly.


Flares are used to show passion and liven up the atmosphere. It creates a sea of yellow (if you are a Watford fan like me). Watford have been cautioned with this occurring problem of flares being brought into football games. These game include Aston Villa, Crystal Palace and Nottingham Forest. With all of them being away. Flares show emotion and in many countries bringing in a flare to the football ground is legal. So why is it illegal in England?


There have been tragedies in the past involving flares, however hardly any of them are in England. If Turkey and Poland, for example, have 5000 flares. Then Surely in England we can have one or two?


Flares can be easily bought online. They are marketed as legal and they are of somewhat cheap. If you are a football fan however, even if you have no bad intentions of doing anything with them other than let it off, it’s against the law to enter a football ground carrying flares and anyone doing so faces three months in jail.


The problems that do occur with flares include:

–   They are dangerous for those who suffer from asthma

– They contain chemicals

–   They also burn at high temperatures



There has also been dangerous incidents involving flares effecting football matches, more recently the Euro 2016 qualifier between Montenegro and Russia. The game was suspended after the incident, which happened just eight seconds into the game, leaving Akinfeev being sent to hospital for treatement. A red flare was launched from the stands on to the field, and hit Akinfeev.


This did not help the cause for flares being allowed into grounds. Watching the game was sickening. It was even worse when the players came out to resume the game, however there was a missile that went off and the game was forced to be abandoned.


These incidents haven’t occurred in the UK, however. I also feel like that football fans have matured since John Hill. John died after being hit by a marine distress flare at the end of an international game in Cardiff in 1993. However terraces were still in the game after the tragedy of Hillsborough. So flares should be allowed.

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    Jason Odin says:

    That is the stupidest thing I’ve heard since February. Yes, I keep track. You just beat out the resurgence of the Flat Earth Theory. Congratulations.

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