Was Steven Naismith a case of daylight robbery, for Everton?

Was Steven Naismith a case of daylight robbery, for Everton?
Mar 9, 2016

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It was a highly anticipated move that was raved about for weeks, a transfer that took weeks also, this a result of the player’s uncertainty – this sets the scene.

When somebody tosses a £8million price tag on a player nowadays it doesn’t come as much of a surprise given the value of modern day football. Combine that with the fact that Bournemouth splashed the same sum on a striker, by the name of Lewis Grabban, who couldn’t hit a barn door it seemed quite a steal that we had secured a move for Scotland senior Steven Naismith.

Arriving at Carrow Road after weeks of speculation and mind changes we all had high hopes. Experienced, clinical and creative – everything we needed. Add in the fact that former target Afobe had moved to relegation rivals Bournemouth for an eight-figure sum, it further strengthened our desire and expectations that Naismith would go on and set the world alight with Norwich. We were wrong.

On his debut, Naismith proved to be everything he was hyped to be by Evertonians. A goal, a successful penalty appeal, passion, desire, an infectious work rate – I sat there questioning why Everton ever let him go! Well, now I know…

Ever since the Liverpool clash I have been so very disappointed in Naismith, as have many other fans.

The first and most significant thing I have noticed with the forward is the drop in his work rate and also the way that the fire in his belly has slowly petered out. Ever since his debut, his heart has not looked in it, nor has his head! Swansea was the highlight of this, he was last to every second ball, pulled his foot out of challenges and showed little if not no urgency. Not forgetting to mention his constant bickering with fellow players throughout the duration of the Leicester game.

When Naismith joined he originally questioned the idea of making a switch, which to me suggests that he cannot be that interested in the club, or even making an impact on it. It is strange because the one thing Everton fans vowed to us was that Naismith would always give 110% no matter what, but I cannot see this at all.

He’s looked very sluggish and uninterested. His ‘Mr Commitment’ ways most certainly haven’t been evident, not since that clash with Liverpool anyhow. So whether there has been a falling out or be it down to injury I am not quite sure, but something isn’t right that is for certain.

Naismith has underperformed so far. He’s not had any significant impact on Norwich’s season since his opening game. As it stands at present, it looks as if were robbed of £8million in broad daylight.

However, Naismith could still have a great Norwich City career, although it may be short-lived if we go down. He has to play centrally, I feel. Like Wes, he is best suited when in the centre of the park sitting off the striker. That is when he will bag us goals and cause problems for the opposition. Alike Jonny Howson he is a wasted talent out wide.

Having said this, he will only be successful at Carrow Road if he plays with pride, determination and passion. And as far as I am aware from what people have been saying, this isn’t the case.

I think Naismith has to be one of the most disappointing transfers since the infamous Ricky van Wolfswinkel. He was hyped up to be so much, living up to so little. So much so that I don’t really see him as beeing any better than what we have in Wes, Vadis or Howson – at least not when his heart isn’t in it.

He needs to start wearing that shirt with pride, given the signals from the previous month that seems a silly and impossible ask! So be it, he needs to go instantly in the summer.

Naismith can turn it around so long as he ditches his big headed ‘better than the rest’ attitude, will that happen? We will soon find out…


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