Roberto Martinez – Where it all went wrong..

Roberto Martinez – Where it all went wrong..
Mar 11, 2016

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This has been the question on the lips of the majority Everton fan base over the course of the ongoing campaign. Roberto Martinez, the man who won the FA Cup with Wigan, the man who pushed Swansea into the 2nd tier of English football, the man who we all thought would make our club great once again after a charismatic first season. From enjoying the season of dreams a couple years ago, we now see ourselves as a side who have slowly deteriorated into a club of a small stature, crippling onto whatever pride we have left. The likes of West Brom, West Ham, and Stoke City – all clubs who over the last decade during the reign of David Moyes were consistently on our trail, have now overtaken us. With the new TV deal coming into play, teams will only grow stronger making our once secure top half place being put into jeopardy and leaving us fans full of miserable devastation.

I’ve stood up for Roberto for a very long time, even last season when we were absolute shambles I thought to myself “he’ll sort it out, give the lad a more time” and more time is what I gave – but in return I was handed nothing further than disappointment. Sure, his style of play is joyous to watch and is the main reason why we’re scoring tons of goals, but when you take a 2-0 lead at home and end up dropping points you know something’s wrong.

It’s the stubbornness and the ignorance of his actions which grind my gears. His incompetence to correct blatant problems, the lack of manliness to drop an underperforming player, but especially the reluctance to admit after a loss that we were just bad instead of trying cover it up by blaming referees and complaining about the linesman’s decisions. Its small things like these which have made me and fellow Evertonians fed up and want him gone

I could ramble on for hours on my love – hate relationship with Roberto but instead I’ll just state the stats:

  • 4 wins in 17 at Goodison Park
  • Most points dropped from winning positions this season
  • 110 – ONE HUNDRED AND TEN – goals conceded since the start of last season
  • Under 30% win ratio in his last 32 games

Some of those statistics are shocking. From being a powerhouse at Goodison, losing only 8 games 3 years with David Moyes to losing 7 in 6 months with Roberto. He’s taken away the fear factor of our home ground, opposition teams come to us believing they can take three points which is completely unacceptable.

For a club like Everton with astonishing ability, this simply put isn’t good enough. Huge prospects such as Lukaku, Deulofeu, Stones, Barkley – all would want to leave us and it’s come to a stage where we can’t even put up an argument for them to stay. After all, why would they? Their ambitions clearly aren’t matched by the manager who seems perfectly optimistic about finishing mid-table for the 2nd season in a row.

I’m being as hopeful as I can about tomorrow, the FA Cup could be our saving grace but if we lose to Chelsea tomorrow, I can’t see anyway forward for us without a new personnel taking charge. Like most Toffees, I’ll be watching the game on Saturday praying that we can pounce on a broken hearted Chelsea side, but at the moment, I’m not sure if we can even manage that. #Onwards&Upwards


This was my first article and I really enjoyed writing it. I would very much appreciate any feedback you may have for me via twitter – @Evertxn. Thank you!






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