Everton vs Manchester United – An Everton fans perspective

Everton vs Manchester United – An Everton fans perspective
Apr 23, 2016

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Martial and his team mates celebrate a last minute winner to send them into the FA Cup final.

Martial and his team mates celebrate a last minute winner to send them into the FA Cup final.

“Martial, Herrera, Martial, chance to win it he has, THAT WILL DO IT FOR MANCHESTER UNITED..”

Distraught. That’s precisely how I felt after enduring an almost perfect 2nd half from Everton, a 92nd minute winner from Anthony Martial has put a sense of dejection amongst myself and other fellow Evertonians.

I honestly thought we could pull one off and nick a win, but Lukaku had other ideas. He was absolutely woeful tonight and has single handedly cost us place in the FA Cup final. The penalty was understandable, but the other 6 clear cut chances put in front him weren’t. On any other day he would’ve buried most of them and grabbed himself a hat-trick, but why was tonight any different? Personally, I reckon his head is somewhere else. Ever since the international break in March he has never looked the same; he’s desperate for a move away from the north west of England and desperate to find a club which matches his ambitions.

Our defence today was better than normal, but still underwhelming. Stones and Jags looked sound with a couple uneasy moments, however the same can’t be said about Besic. Martial ran rings around him all day and didn’t give him a second to catch his breath. In out, fake shot, flip flap, pass, move, everything a defender would hate to face is what Muhamed had to deal with. Now I’m not going to go on a rant about him, he has never played in that position before, but if Roberto knew he would be playing as the right back after Seamus’s injury, why not start him there for the derby? Give him some game time to adapt to a new position and get a feel for it!

Moving on to the game as a whole. I thought we started on the back foot, Manchester United were all over us, Fellaini, Lingard, Rooney, Martial all caused havoc in and around the 18 yard box. Inevitably after such a abhorrent beginning, Manchester United took the lead after a left foot finish by none other than Marouane Fellaini. Now, anyone with common sense would suggest to change things up after going 1-0 down, but not Everton, and not Roberto Martinez. Kick off again and the same cycle repeated itself, 10 men behind the ball inviting pressure, it’s like we don’t have 2nd plan, Roberto tells the boys what to do, and if it doesn’t work, keep doing it. There is no back up plan, no clue, no desire.

The next 45 minutes was none to reckon with. We started relatively slowly but the substitution of Deulofeu changed everything. Suddenly we had a fast pace threat going forward who wasn’t afraid to take risks, we had a player who added a more dynamic aspect to our game, a man who could create things instead of hopelessly running around the pitch. 5 minutes after his introduction we got a goal via a low cross by Geri. Game on. Keep playing like this and we might win I thought to myself, but as we later found out, it wasn’t meant to be. Damn it.

I’ve been rambling on for quite a bit but I just wanted to talk about the manager, King Bobby of the north. What would I rate his performance today out of 10? 6. Yes, his substitution did add life into us, but he gave us all the pre match talk for weeks about how this was the most important fixture for us, and that it defined are season, but he didn’t deliver. Tactically we were clueless, there was no clear instruction from the dugout, instead it was just a bald Spanish man flapping his arms about hopelessly praying that God was on his side.


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