Raheem Sterling: You Need To Tell Me More Than We Are Black To Affect Us

Raheem Sterling: You Need To Tell Me More Than We Are Black To Affect Us
Mar 26, 2019

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Raheem Sterling has spoken out following England’s 5-1 over Montenegro on Monday night in which the Three Lions squad were subject to racist abuse, including monkey chants, from the home fans.

Sterling, who added a fifth for Gareth Southgate’s side, celebrated in front of the Montenegro fans by putting his hands on his ears and later confirmed it was in response to the chanting heard from the stands.

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Upon being quizzed by Sky Sports as to whether a stadium closure would be a sufficient punishment for racial discrimination, Sterling replied: “Yep. Something serious for them, to make them think twice about doing it again.”

“It’s now time for the people that are in charge to put a real stamp on it because you can fine someone but what’s that going to do? You’ve got to make it harder, you’ve got to punish all the fans so they can’t come to the games, you’ve got to do something that’s really going to make them think twice. Because if their team can’t play with fans it’s going to be difficult for them and make them think twice about it.”


“I can only, we can only, the FA can only do so much. We’ve got to leave this to the people in charge to make a proper stance on it. Just banning one or two people is not going to change anything, even to our fans I’d say the exact same thing,” the 24-year-old added.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t hear it personally, but Danny [Rose] made it clear that’s what they were doing. I just wanted to show them that you’re going to need more than that to upset us and stop us because what can I do? We know, all of us know what skin colour we are, so I don’t know what the big issue is, it’s not like you’re telling us anything new.”

“It’s not just young black men, it’s young kids growing up in diverse cities. It’s not just black kids I want to reach out to. In England, we’ve got a diverse country and it’s 2019 as I keep saying and there are a lot of different phases in our country and bringing awareness to let people know these are new times, it’s different.”

Chelsea starlet Callum Hudson-Odoi joined Sterling in slamming the Montenegro fans, saying: “In the first half, me and Danny and heard monkey chants, but that’s part of football, I’ve had it before in Dynamo Kiev too.”

“Hopefully UEFA deal with it properly, and we have to keep going, keep a strong mentality, keep our heads. We can’t let ourselves get down because of the situation, and hopefully Rosey’s okay with that and we’ll have a chat about it.”

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“It’s unacceptable. I don’t think there should be discrimination no matter where you go, no matter what. It’s not right in football, at all. We should be all playing fair, have a good game and enjoy ourselves but to hear that it’s not right and hopefully UEFA deal with it properly.”

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