Forget about Christian Benteke, its bad business that will humiliate the club…

Forget about Christian Benteke, its bad business that will humiliate the club…
Jul 14, 2016

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There is no doubt in my mind that Benteke has genuine quality, he showed us that at Aston Villa, scoring 49 goals in 101 games. A pretty impressive record for any striker in the Premier League.

Nevertheless, he flopped last season, there is no other way about it, he was given chances to prove himself; he played 39 games as Liverpool’s centre forward in the 2015/16 season, yet only managed 10 goals. That’s a goal every 4 games. So, why we are paying north of £30 million for a striker that only scores in ¼ of the games he plays?

benteke VS United







Let’s not kid ourselves, eyebrows were raised last summer when Liverpool paid £35 million for the Belgium international, people thought Brendan Rogers and Co. had paid over the odds back then. That’s on the back of a season where Benteke basically kept Villa up single-handedly. So why should we be happy to refund Liverpool their wasted money? We’re not buying the prolific Benteke that carried Villa for 2 years, we’re buying the Liverpool Benteke who didn’t manage to get into double figures in the Premier League.

Up until now our transfer activity has been fantastic, we’ve signed one of the league’s best keepers for nothing. We’ve got Andros Townsend for £3 million, if you take into account the Gayle deal. James Tomkins has been recruited; an extremely experienced centre-half that was desperately needed.

But does that mean we should now just throw £30 million at a striker in the hope it’s a big hit? Not in my opinion. Just because each Premier League club has slightly more money than they did before, doesn’t mean good business should be forBenteke divegotten.






There are plenty of other available strikers out there that would cost about half the price. Diafra Sakho has officially put in a transfer request at West Ham, with Sunderland in pole position to land his signature… For just £11 million. Berahino has turned down a contract at West Brom, although not the same type of player as Benteke, he could still be a good option upfront. We’ve been offered Van Persie, he could do a decent job for a season. You’d imagine that Remy is available for around £10-15 million, I can’t see Conte wanting him to desperately stay at Chelsea.  Man City have also been clear that the services of Bony are available, either permanently or temporarily. Slimani has a fantastic goal record and although unproven talent, would it be a bad shout?

You’d probably get any 2 of those for less than the £30 million price tag on Benteke.

Benteke Villa

In addition to this, we could potentially be paying Benteke around £120,000 per week, that’s opening Pandora’s Box. Once you decide to pay players that sort of money there is no going back from it. New players coming into the club will be expecting those sort of wages, knowing full well that we are able and willing to pay it. The players that have just signed this summer will be wondering why they were not offered a similar amount.

More importantly, players that are already here may be pondering their wages. Take Connor Wickham for example; if he scores 9 goals by Christmas next season and Benteke scores 2, surely he would be questioning why he is earning significantly less, and he has every right to. Do we really want to be another QPR? With average players and a wage bill bigger than Dortmund. I don’t think so. If you’re going to break the £100,000-a-week barrier, you better have a very good reason to do it. In my opinion, Benteke isn’t a good enough reason.


agent U-turn31 millionwilling to stay


If I were Steve Parish I would stay well away from this one. Liverpool are working hard to try and recover the obscene money they spent on a striker that hasn’t worked out at all. Benteke’s agent is playing games, trying to suck every penny out of us as he can, that’s his job, but why should we be the fools to play along?

I’ve always been sceptical of this and I really don’t want this Benteke deal to come off now; we have considerably more chance of losing out than gaining anything. The agent fees, the wages, the price tags, they’ve all got out of hand. This deal started off at £25 million, still over the top but sizable, however, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere, who knows where this deal may end up. It’s passed the £30 million mark, somewhere between 20 and 30 million surely you have to say ‘enough is enough, that’s the last offer’, otherwise it will keep going up all summer. Before you know it, this Benteke deal will be worth £40 million and £160,000-a-week. It’s ludicrous.

Forget about Christian Benteke, its bad business that will humiliate the club.



  1. I will forget about him! 🙂

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