Chelsea’s Managerial Situation: Who should Roman appoint?

Chelsea’s Managerial Situation: Who should Roman appoint?
Mar 1, 2016

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Since Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea Football Club from Ken Bates in June 2003, Chelsea have become known for not keeping the same manager for more than a few seasons, as Roman continues his quest for success in English football and also the Champions League. So when Roberto Di Matteo was sacked in November 2012, even after winning the Champions in that same year, and replaced by interim manager Rafael Benitez, Chelsea were once again on the search for a new manager that would bring some stability  to the club.

So, on the 3rd of June 2013, Chelsea appointed Jose Mourinho, who had previously managed us from June 2004 to September 2007 and won the Premier League twice in that period. Jose was looking to have a long spell as manager, at the club that “felt like home” to him.

Mourinho started off reasonably well in the 2013/14 Premier League season, achieving 3rd place and finishing behind Manchester City and an extremely unlucky Liverpool team. He then went on to having a very successful 2014/15 campaign, winning the Premier League title and the Capital One Cup. We were praised heavily during this time, as we finished 8 points clear of 2nd place Manchester City and only lost 3 times in the league.

However, this is where it all went bad for Chelsea and Mourinho. Our performances at the start of this season, you could say, were questionable. We seemed complacent and it looked like the players thought, after the previous season, the Premier League would be a walk in the park. We started the season with a dodgy 2-2 draw to Swansea at Stamford Bridge, followed up by a 3-0 away defeat to Manchester City. By December 15th, we had just picked up a 2-1 defeat against Leicester and were sitting 1 point above the relegation zone, in 16th place, something we are not used to as fans or a team. On the 17th of December, Mourinho was sacked for the second time as Chelsea manager; a decision that caused contrasting opinions among all football fans.

So now Chelsea are in an interesting situation. Guus Hiddink is currently our interim manager and we’re currently unbeaten in the League and FA cup since his appointment. We have only picked up one defeat, which was against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League round of 16. Obviously, the club is looking for a replacement, as Guus is the only interim manager, but this does not rule him out of taking over as permanent manager of the Club.

Currently, the most likely candidate for the job is Antonio Conte. The 46-year-old Italian is currently managing the Azzurri and is also the ex-Juventus manager. He has only ever managed Italian based teams and is known for using the 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 formations. Personally, I think he looks like he would be a great manager for Chelsea, admittedly it would most likely take him some time to adapt to English football, but he could recruit us some great players due to his Italian connections that would strengthen our side massively. It would also be interesting to see if Conte stuck to his ways with his 3/5 at the back formations, as it is a formation that isn’t used regularly in English football and in addition would involve Chelsea possibly having to buy more centre backs; as we all know we don’t like to field our youth.

After Conte, Diego Simeone is the second most likely man for the job. The Argentine is currently managing Atletico Madrid and has been since 2011. Simeone does have some links to Chelsea, Diego Costa and Felipe Luis were both bought by Chelsea in the 2014 summer transfer window from Atletico whilst he was manager and Courtois also had a lengthy loan spell at the Spanish Club, so he will be known by the Chelsea board and would have had negotiations with them in the past. Once again, I think Simeone would be a great manager at the club. He’s an extremely passionate manager and has taken Atletico up to the top of Spanish football since managing them.

Other managers that seem likely to be in contention for the job include Jorge Sampaoli (resigned as Chile manager on the 19th of January 2016) Massimiliano Allegri (current Juventus manager) and then our man Guus Hiddink, who is currently 10/1 to stay as Chelsea boss after this season.

Overall, Chelsea has a big decision to make. Whether Roman Abramovich looks for a long-term manager that will hopefully bring that stability we need to the club, or a manager that would hopefully bring success to Chelsea as soon as possible and maybe not stick around for too long, no one knows. But it will be very interesting to see what happens at the club.

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