Mauricio Pochettino Slams Antonio Conte: “Show Some Respect”

Mauricio Pochettino Slams Antonio Conte: “Show Some Respect”
Jul 29, 2017

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In light of Antonio Conte’s recent comments regarding Tottenham and their ambitions, Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino also had some things to say about the Italian. Speaking ahead of Tottenham’s pre-season fixture against Manchester City in Nashville on Saturday, the Argentinian told Conte to stop belittling Tottenham and to start showing some respect to his players and club.

This comes after the Chelsea boss doubted Tottenham Hotspur’s title credentials by claiming that the club have lower expectations than their top-four rivals. Conte claimed that it would “not be a tragedy” if Spurs failed to win the Premier League next season and insisted Chelsea were under far greater pressure to succeed.

Pochettino did not take kindly to these comments and had some few things to say to the Italian manager. He warned Conte to stop obsessing about and disrespecting Spurs as he is completely focused on his own club and that Conte should do the same.

“I respect every single opinion. I am so respectful of other players, other clubs, other managers, the owners of different clubs. My job is to be focused on my players and my team and try to work together with our board, our fans, everything that is involved with the club.” he said.

“I show respect. I’m not a manager who likes to speak about other clubs or managers or what happens in the corner. I’m trying to provide the best tools to compete and try to win because that’s our mentality.”

On the topic of transfer activity this summer, Pochettino denied that his club’s inactivity in the market means there is less pressure to succeed. He stated that Tottenham are under the same pressure to succeed as rival clubs.

“It’s true for different clubs when they spend a lot of money the expectation and pressure is massive but it’s the same for us because it’s our own pressure and our own ambition,” he said. “It doesn’t mean because so far we haven’t invested money or signed players that our ambition is to the same as clubs that have signed a lot of players and spent a lot of money.

“You don’t need to start to talk about another club because it’s most important to be focused on your club.”

With both managers going back and forth before the new season begins, this adds more drama to their rivalry next season. Spurs will face Chelsea on August 20 in their first Premier League game at Wembley, and tensions will be running high when these two managers meet face-to-face.


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