David Luiz: what a Stamford Bridge return would mean for both club and player

David Luiz: what a Stamford Bridge return would mean for both club and player
Aug 31, 2016

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So it looks all but certain that David Luiz will rejoin Chelsea in a £32m deal from Paris Saint-Germain, just two years after swapping London for Paris in a mega £50m transfer. Question marks have already been raised about this move and whether or not it is the right amount and the right move given the quality of the player.

There are absolutely no doubts that David Luiz is a fantastic footballer, with the ball at his feet he is so assured and comfortable he can just glide past players which is something so uncommon for a defender to be capable of. He is also an exceptional long range shooter, scoring some outrageous goals in his time at Chelsea from bizarre ranges and angles. That much has never been in question, the stumbling block for David Luiz is his actual ability to defend. There have been too many occasions to count where Luiz has been at fault for something which has led to a goal or he has been caught out of position moving far too high up the field. Whether it be him on the receiving end of Luis Suarez nutmegs or ruthless counter attacks, it’s apparent that David Luiz isn’t your conventional defender, mainly in the sense that he puts defending quite low down in his priority list.

So how will he fit into this Chelsea team under the equally bonkers Antonio Conte? Well the Chelsea squad is very thin, particularly in those defensive areas so any personnel is welcome as far as Chelsea are concerned, especially if it is a world renowned defender such as Luiz. It’s a well known fact that Conte likes to have his side and particularly his defensive shape very strict and structured, making it increasingly difficult for the opponent to break down. This is very much a clashing style to David Luiz who is more of a free roaming player with very limited shackles in terms of responsibilities.

Personality wise we could see a real bond between these two as they are both incredibly passionate about their football and the clubs they represent, so expect to see a lot of cards but also a lot of last ditch die hard defending which will please Conte very much. It’s also been suggested that Chelsea are in desperate need for some pace in defence, especially with the ageing John Terry alongside an already far from blistering Gary Cahill and Branislav Ivanovic. David Luiz will walk into that team perfectly and provide a pacey cover for whoever may need it most due to his speed.

Overall, is he worth it? In my opinion, absolutely not. He would work in other systems under other managers but for me, under a coach who’s regime is so strict and so disciplined, I can see no result other than disaster for Chelsea with David Luiz at the back. He lacks leadership and responsibility at times and is often spared of his awful positioning by his pace but it doesn’t always work. It’s a colossal gamble by Chelsea and for me it wiffs of last minute desperation. Panic buy anyone?

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