Antonio Conte: José Mourinho Is A Fake Little Man

Antonio Conte: José Mourinho Is A Fake Little Man
Jan 6, 2018

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Antonio Conte and José Mourinho are passionate characters, however, their rivalry seems to have taken a dark turn in the past few days. After beating Mourinho’s Manchester United in his debut season at the Bridge 4-0, Conte was delirious on the touchline, leading to the United boss to whisper something in Conte’s ear at the full-time whistle.

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The pairs’ feud has been bubbling since but has now finally exploded. Speaking this week, the Portuguese manager stated: “I don’t think you have to behave like a crazy guy on the touchline to have that passion. That passion you see it every day, the way a person is dedicated to his work, not what you do in front of the cameras.”

Although his comments were suspected to be directed at Liverpool’s German manager Jürgen Klopp, Conte took the comments head-on, interpreting that the ex-Blues boss was speaking about him. Feeling as though he had been called a “clown” by Mourinho, the Italian responded: “I think he has to see himself in the past – maybe he was speaking about himself in the past.”

“I am starting to be a bit annoyed. If you want to go to fight with me I am ready. I am improving a bit my English – because this is the real problem for me – otherwise, we can go, we can go to fight.”

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The three-time Premier League winner also now felt compelled to challenge Conte’s words. Up until this point the insults that were being exchanged were fairly limited but then, Jose let loose.

“The only thing I want to say to end the story is that yes, I made mistakes in the past on the touchline. Yes, I will make less but I think I will still make a few. “What never happened to me – and will never happen – is to be suspended for match-fixing. That never happened to me and will never happen.”

The 54-year-old Portuguese serial winner had been referring to the ex-Italian international’s past whilst he managed Siena. Caught up in a fixing scandal in 2011, Conte though was eventually cleared of any wrongdoings in 2016 by an Italian court.

Nonetheless, this touched a nerve with Conte. In his post-match interview after his side’s 0-0 draw with Norwich in the FA Cup, the Serie A and Premier League winner fired back at his rival, labelling him “a fake”.

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“You show you are a little man. In the past he was a little man in the past, he is a little man in the present and he will be in the future.”

“I remember when he offended Ranieri for his English. Then when Ranieri was sacked he put a shirt on for Ranieri. He is fake.”

After such accusations and character assassination, José will mostly respond so watch this space as this could be the newest, legitimate, explosive rivalry since Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsène Wenger.

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