Conte-nuity Problems: Conte’s Clash With Chelsea Chiefs

Conte-nuity Problems: Conte’s Clash With Chelsea Chiefs
May 10, 2016

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Once again, it seems that an internal row has spilt behind the rusted gates and closed wooden doors of the inner sanctums of Stamford Bridge.

 In a season of turmoil, mistrust and sheer betrayal, it seems that this is hardly a surprise however the latest saga at Chelsea involves incoming manager Antonio Conte; the Italian will officially ascend to the title of Blues’ head coach after his campaign with the Italian national side in the forthcoming European Championships. 

What the row tells us, is that Chelsea’s board haven’t learnt from its many previous brushes with disaster and may fall foul again- with potentially irreparable consequences.

Carry on Coaching

It’s been reported from various outlets that even before the Italian embarks on his mountainous mission on rebuilding the crestfallen champions of now yesteryear- Chelsea have suffered their worst league campaign since the 1994/95 edition. However, there is turbulence ahead for the Italian.

The stumbling blocks which are causing the supposed turbulence involves Conte’s demands regarding his coaching staff.
 Conte has been allowed to bring four of his staff from the Italian national side which includes the incumbent assistant coach Angelo Alessio, fitness coach Paolo Bertelli, strength and conditioning coach Julio Tous, and brother Gianluca, who will act as his tactical analyst. 

However, the divisive row is on the fact that Conte will not be not be allowed to appoint Massimo Carrera and Mauro Sandreani, who aid Conte with physical and tactical preparation- a vital part of his management; Conte is well known across the length and breadth of the managerial world for his labour intensive, strenuous workouts in training- an unsung hero in his vast successes in his glittering career so far.

While there are problems regarding incoming staff, there also many problems regarding any outgoing staff; Conte is a big fan of out of form no.1 Thibaut Courtois and has allegedly shown a willingness to wield the axe to current goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon in a bid to keep the beleaguered Belgian at the club. Lollichon has been labelled as a “divisive” figure at the Bridge and Conte’s persistence to dispense the coach indicates his desperation to keep Courtois at the club. 
It seems that the hierarchy of the club are confident Conte will cope with the parameters set, so it’s as you were and all staff will simply…carry on coaching.

Conte has been allowed to bring four of the staff from the Italian national team- but refusal of others has called a behind closed doors dispute.

Conte’s Chelsea Conundrum 

After a season of such disastrous proportions which no-one could have predicted, you have to expect that it wouldn’t be plain sailing for the damaged Blues’ cruise; Chelsea are scraping it out with Stoke City and even Swansea City in a bid to just stay in the top half of the Premier League, meaning that the Blues will miss out on European football in any form for the 2016-17 season.

You also have the added problems regarding the club’s greatest legend John Terry; the sentinel stalwart whom has captained Chelsea through the days pre-Abramovich through the rebirth of the club (a English juggernaut) we know today. 

While Conte is set to be head coach, meaning that he will not have the final say on transfers, it is believed that he still has a say on Terry’s future. With no news coming out if the Bridge as well as Conte being well known in the days at Juventus for his lack of sentiment when deciding who to wield his uncompromising axe to, Terry looks condemned to the history books and shunned out of the Chelsea first team forevermore. 

That being said, the disputes behind closed doors show that Chelsea’s board still haven’t learnt from previous misdemeanours across the years; Antonio Conte will arrive at Chelsea with the boat already rocked- can’t have his own staff and can’t have the final say on who he wants for his own team.

 It also tells us that this season of disaster may leave it’s horrific scar on the club for many years to come; the vicious circle of non European football puts the Blues at a major disadvantage when deciding who they want to strengthen. And with no transfers comes the same team, the same team that petered out into mid table mediocrity.
With the clock ticking before the Italian’s explosive entrance to Chelsea, the problems lay bare and bold- it’s all a conundrum for Conte to solve.

More talks between Terry and Conte are set to resume; the current contract impasse will be one of Conte’s biggest problems to solve in the summer. 

The summer will be a very interesting one indeed; the Blues must back their new boss to the hills if they want to be back on the straight and narrow road to glory and a European return. 

However, the latest clash with Chelsea’s chiefs pose ‘Conte-nuity problems’. And they need to be solved sooner rather than later.

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