Frank Lampard Reveals Sergio Agüero ‘Didn’t Care’ About Picking Up Fines At Manchester City

Frank Lampard Reveals Sergio Agüero ‘Didn’t Care’ About Picking Up Fines At Manchester City
Dec 25, 2016

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Frank Lampard has revealed that Sergio Agüero “didn’t care” about picking up fines for being late to training at Manchester City. Lampard, who is renowned for his everlasting Chelsea career, went on loan to Manchester City during the MLS season break and the midfielder has revealed some truths from inside the Etihad.

Lampard appeared on Sky Sports along with former team-mate, John Terry, and spoke about his time at the Manchester club. Talking on Soccer AM, he revealed how laid back Argentine Sergio Agüero was.

When asked about who was fined most often, Lampard answered: “At Chelsea, I can’t remember but I will jump to Manchester City.

 “Agüero picked up a fair few. He just didn’t care. He was so laid back and would just stroll out to the training pitch like five minutes late.

 “The coaches would always tell him ‘right you’re fined‘ and he would say ‘Okay, no problem. Wait until the weekend and I’ll score a hat trick and everyone will be happy.”

Sergio Agüero is without a doubt one of Manchester City’s best players, however, as serves a four-match ban, the Manchester side have picked up 6 points from 6 without their main goal-scorer and currently sit in 3rd for Christmas, something some people may not have anticipated, with the emphasis on Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, who many expected to be the front-runners for the title this season.

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