Why Jack Wilshere made the right decision in choosing Bournemouth

Why Jack Wilshere made the right decision in choosing Bournemouth
Sep 2, 2016

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When news broke out that Wilshere had rejected AC Milan in favour of a move to Bournemouth, many were quick to criticise the diminutive midfielder.

He was accused of “staying in his comfort zone” by pundits and football fans around the world. Instead of challenging himself by going abroad to play for a historic club, he chose to remain in the Premier League with a side who will most likely be fighting for their lives.

Is he really “staying in his comfort zone”, though?

It’s not as if Wilshere took the option closest to home; he could’ve stayed in London by going to Crystal Palace, who also made him an offer, but he felt Bournemouth was a better fit and headed down south.

Also, why should he go play in a league which Arsenal will never, ever compete in? With no disrespect to the Serie A, the quality and speed of play is nowhere near that of the Premier League.

It just wouldn’t have had made sense for him to go play in Italy; he needs to play regularly at the highest level, and with Bournemouth, he most definitely will.

Another reason why the Bournemouth move is a good one – Wilshere will be playing regularly. These last few seasons have been a nightmare for him; injury, after injury, after injury. He needs to get back into some sort of rhythm, and the only way he’ll be doing that is by playing. That’s what’s most important.

Bournemouth are not your typical English, lower mid-table side, either. They don’t just punt it long and hope for the best. Eddie Howe’s side play an attractive brand of football, keeping the ball on the floor as much as they possibly can. This will help Wilshere transition back to Arsenal once the loan expires, having played a style similar to Wenger’s.

The move makes sense for all parties – Bournemouth will be getting an extremely talented midfielder, Wilshere will be playing regularly in the Premier League, and Arsenal have managed to loan him out to a side who will (most likely) not be directly competing with them while playing a similar style.

Hopefully Wilshere can stay injury-free and fulfill the world class potential we all know he has.

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