Away Ticket Price Reduction – The Fans’ Voices Are Starting To Be Heard!

Away Ticket Price Reduction – The Fans’ Voices Are Starting To Be Heard!
Mar 10, 2016

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Yesterday, a new development towards the cost of football tickets occurred when Premier League clubs agreed on a brand new deal to cap all away tickets to £30 for the next three seasons. The overall price of football tickets within the Premier League has become a hot topic within recent years due to the large increase in ticket prices. Thousands of fans have shown their frustration towards this such as by creating protests due to the expensive ticket prices on display for English football. Liverpool fans are the most recent to show this type of protest following the success of their protest against Sunderland in a Premier League fixture in February.

Fans have always been important in football as they are key to help encourage the players to try their best and give everything possible to try and win every game. The Premier League made a statement that said away fans were ‘essential for match atmosphere’ and helped make the league unique. They also decided to recognise the travel costs that a majority of fans had to pay on top of the price of a match-day ticket. The change to away ticket prices will debut next season with all away tickets prices being capped at £30.

Many Premier League clubs have showed their delight towards the new cap on away tickets. Everton chief executive Robert Elstone said the move was “absolutely right for away fans and for the Premier League” and also that “most clubs have recognised for some time that we need to do something for the travelling supporter.” Arsenal have also proved to support the campaign after they revealed that they would provide a further £4 discount for away supporters, allowing all Arsenal fans to attend away fixtures for only £26.

Without the fans, football really is nothing.

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