How the Referendum will affect the Premier League.

How the Referendum will affect the Premier League.
Jun 24, 2016

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Yesterday, the people of Great Britain cast their votes to decide the future of the country, with the decision to either remain or leave the European Union. During the early hours of Friday morning, it was revealed that a greater majority of people made the decision to leave the European Union, rather than remain in it. The leave campaign won with a percentage of 51.9%, over one million more voters in comparison to those who voted remain. Regardless of your opinion on the outcome, changes have immediately begun and will continue to change.

The overall ramifications of the outcome will take a long time to be completely worked out, however, the ability for people from the EU to now be able to work within the UK will most certainly change. How will the outcome affect English football? Let’s take a look…

  • One of the biggest impacts the decision will have on the English game is the fact that foreign players currently in the Premier League will now be under risk. If England were never apart of the European Union, players such as: Dimitri Payet, Anthony Martial and Hector Bellerin, would have never been able to successfully move to their respective clubs. Now that the outcome has been made, hundreds of footballers could now lose their right to play in the United Kingdom. Players who have an EU passport could still be allowed to play in the country, although, many will still be in danger and will need to attempt to get a Work Visa from the Home Office.
  • Another impact the Referendum has on the Premier League is the fact that it will be far more difficult for Premier League clubs to sign foreign players. This is because of the fact that under FA rules, non-EU players must have played a certain amount of international games to be eligible for a Visa. On top of this, the FIFA rankings and the overall transfer fee will also be taken into account. If these regulations are applied to all foreign players, than a vast majority of EU stars would be ineligible for a Visa, enforcing a lack of new foreign players from playing in the Premier League and the English Football League.
  • Travelling will also have an effect on the fans of the sport. In the past, travelling to other countries in Europe for European games proved to be a cheaper and enjoyable experience,  however, the Referendum could enfore fans to more expensive prices for flights as well as having to also purchase a Visa to travel. Although it was already an expensive experience before, the decision for Britain to leave the EU could now mean that the past was actually a far cheaper option.
  • Considering the lack of signings, one of the few minor positives that the Referendum brings is the fact that it gives British players a far better chance at being developed further, and, more British players playing in the Premier League. English clubs have been known to purchase foreign players in the past, with names such as Kelechi Iheanacho, Kurt Zouma and Anthony Martial being clear examples of this. With a smaller portion of foreign youngsters entering the English game, it will give younger players living in the country a greater chance of having their shot in the first team.

Leaving the EU will most certainly change the entirety of the English game. A study prior to the outcome revealed that last season, there were 108 players playing in the Premier League that would NOT have been able to join their respective club if Britain were never apart of the European Union. This figure rises to an astonishing 332 players when investigating the top two divisions in England and Scotland. Now that the decision has been made, changes will soon start to take its toll on the English game.

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