Friday Five; Things to Look out for This Week

Friday Five; Things to Look out for This Week
Aug 19, 2016

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Friday Five is a new feature that looks at five things for football fans to look out for this week.

  1. Joe Hart Saga

England’s number one left to rot by Pep Guardiola, is it the right decision? That remains to be seen. It is clear however that Joe Hart has no future at the Eithad stadium. The question is now, where will he go? Everton seem to be showing an interest but nothing concrete as of yet, Sevilla in Spain are supposed to be ramping up their interest in Joe also. There may even be a chance Joe stays, with Manchester City being 5-0 up in the Champions League play-off will Pep gamble and chuck Joe in for the second leg? Who knows!


  1. The Pog

The first Friday Night Football of the season sees Manchester United take on Southampton at Old Trafford. Debuts at home for Jose and Zlatan. But the story has to be the return of Paul Pogba. If I was a betting man I would definitely chuck a few quid on Pogba scoring a debut goal. Where will he play? It is suggested that he may play behind Rooney therefore along either Fellani or Herrera.


  1. Leicester City

Big, big challenge for the champions. They only lost 3 games throughout the whole of last season. They lost on the first day of this season, to Hull City, who have been in turmoil. Unfortunately, for Leicester they face the side who beat them twice last season in Arsenal. This will be a true test for the reigning champions as everybody will be looking to see how they respond to that disappointing opening day defeat. They signed Mahrez to a contract this week which will be a big boost for the team.


  1. Arsene Wenger

Where does he go from here? Can you imagine if Liverpool has won 4-1 last week? The Arsenal fans would have hung the manager and the players out to dry. They were very lucky that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin scored straight after Liverpool scored their fourth. If Leicester beat Arsenal, the pressure on the manager will be unimaginable. He will have to strengthen his side and he will have to spend BIG. Rumours swirling around that they are going to sign Mustafi from Valencia, but there is no doubt that they need much more than that! Big week for Arsene Wenger.


  1. Olympic Stadium

West Ham play their first Premier League game at the Olympic Stadium when they welcome Bournemouth to the capital. Having lost to Chelsea in the London derby on Monday they will want to give their fans something to cheer in the new stadium. They will need to draw on the successes of Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis in that stadium and will look to repeat that golden success. With over 50,000 supporters due on Sunday, it will truly be a spectacle to behold.

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