Watford vs Aston Villa: player ratings

Watford vs Aston Villa: player ratings
May 1, 2016

Aston Villa Featured Watford

Gomes 5: Gomes has been a standout performer this season for Watford, however, today did not go to plan. Aston Villa had only two shots on target and they scored two goals. This will need to be changed at Anfield, as I expect that Liverpool will have many shots on goal. Am I being harsh on Gomes because of his great form this season? I would say no, he didn’t do his job today. This will need to be rectified if Watford are looking to end the season strongly.image

Paredes 4: A truly embarrassing performance. To hear the Rookery start to cheer when Paredes was substituted off in the 59th minute says a lot about how he played yesterday. He was determined to do well, but his determination could not save the Ecuadorian international from putting in an abysmal performance. His crosses were shocking; worse than usual. His positioning was poor and passing was atrocious. Anything a full-back could do wrong, Paredes did. However, I would still have him in the lineup ahead of Nyom, and we will certainly need to sign a right-back in the summer.

Cathcart 7: A consistent performance from Cathcart again. Nothing really stood out from his performance today, but he handled the aerial threat of Rudy Gestede very well. He also looked to play it forward when Watford were losing the game, which sounds like a simple thing to do, but certain players failed to do this.

Britos 5: Britos has been very inconsistent this season, unlike Craig Cathcart. Britos’ passing was poor, with too many of his passes going out for throw-ins. He was supposed to be marking Ciaran Clark for the corner leading to Aston Villa’s first goal of the game, however, Clark easily got away from Britos and Clark scored his first Premier League goal since 2014. He was at fault for the second goal too. He got sucked into the ball, Ayew played a one-two with Gestede and Ayew buried his chance. A goal that should never have been conceded. Britos made it incredibly easy for Aston Villa, who are rooted at the bottom of the table and have already been relegated to the Championship.

Anya 7: Watford fans have a split opinion on Anya. I really like him, but he simply isn’t good enough for the Premier League. Anya put in a great performance today nevertheless, proving that he is still an important member of the team. He attacked the full-backs and put pressure on the Aston Villa defence, who are known for being susceptible to errors. He nearly scored in the 72nd minute when he broke through the defence and was one on one with Cissokho, but was brought down by the Frenchman who earned himself a red card.

Suarez 5: Mario Suarez joined Watford with a big reputation, a reputation that he has failed to live up too. He was a key player for Atleti and was very successful for them. It must be hard to see how for Watford fans at the moment. His passing has not been up to standards, he doesn’t make many tackles, he is not an attacking threat. He does not bring anything extra. He had a great game at Wembley, which has been his only good game in a Watford shirt.

Ben Watson 5: Was non-existent yesterday, which was very unusual for Watson. He tackled tough, but created very little upfront. However, he did have one moment of magic in the first half when the ball was headed out and he waited outside the box before having a shot on the volley from approximately 25 yards which cannoned off the crossbar. A rare shot from Watson; a rare good shot from Watson! He was not good enough today and Behrami may be needed against Liverpool at this rate…

Jurado 5: I would not be surprised if Jurado was to leave in the summer transfer window. This was yet another poor game from him. He is not a winger, so why he constantly plays there is beyond me. He isn’t good enough defensively to play as a winger and isn’t quick enough. After creating very little, he was replaced by Amrabat in the 71st minute before running straight down the tunnel. He was obviously not happy with being subbed off, but it was the right call.

Abdi 6: Another workmanlike performance. All creativity Almen Abdi once had has been crushed. Like most of the midfield, he offered very little upfront. On the positive side, he is the first Watford player to score a free kick in the Premier League ever. It was a good free kick to be fair to Abdi, but he played a very basic game. Not much to shout about.

Ighalo 5: Odion Ighalo. The name that brings many thoughts to my head. In December Watford were fighting off clubs to keep him, now Watford will be looking for a club who wants him in summer. He didn’t help our cause again yesterday, and at this rate, a move to another club is looking increasingly unlikely. Again static. Again no shots. Again ineffective with poor passes. Watford will need to look for a new striking option.

Deeney 8: Deeney again was the only one fighting. Troy fought for everything yesterday, and not just because he was playing against Aston Villa, he does it week in week out. No matter the score. He played well but wasn’t given service by a certain Nigerian, again. Deeney may have fought, but his performance wasn’t too much better than his teammates until the 90th-minute mark. A well took header looked like Deeney had salvaged a point for Watford, however, he did not stop there. In the third minute of the four additional minutes of the game, Deeney flicks the ball on, but the ball rebounds off of Lescott and Deeney slotted home from 18 yards to send Vicarage Road into elation.


Amrabat 7: A better performance of the bench from Amrabat. It is clear to see that he is better on the wing; he took players on and his crosses tested the Aston Villa defence. He did as much as he could do in the twenty minutes he played. Deserves another start.

Berghuis 8: Another great performance from Berghuis. Why didn’t we play him earlier in the season? He has it all at the moment. He is fighting for his place, he has great skill and played in an incredible cross for Deeney’s first goal of the game. I expect him to stay in the summer as Watford spent a fair bit on him. They wouldn’t want to sell him without giving him a real chance. Positive signs for Berghuis.

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