Thierry Henry Hits Back At Arsène Wenger After His Comments Over Marcos Alonso’s Goal

Thierry Henry Hits Back At Arsène Wenger After His Comments Over Marcos Alonso’s Goal
Feb 4, 2017

Arsenal News

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has hit back at comments made by his former manager following Arsenal’s loss to Stamford Bridge this afternoon.

Wenger, who watched the match from the stands following his touchline ban, claimed Chelsea’s opener was ‘100% a foul’ as Marcos Alonso beat Hector Bellerin to the ball to put the league leaders ahead.

The debate sparked as Alonso led with his arms in the air, which connected with Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin, sending him to the ground head first, but Chelsea fans and pundits believe Alonso always had his eyes on the ball.

Thierry Henry, however, believes Wenger’s claim for a foul is wrong, insisting the Frenchman is ‘going to say that’.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Henry said:

“He [Wenger] is going to say that.”

‘If you’re a neutral, he attacked the ball like he should’ve attacked the ball. He carries momentum, it looks bad, that’s what it is, but I think it’s a fair challenge.”

“They are both looking at the ball, he jumps in the air, I think it’s a goal.”

“Going back to what Arsene said, I can understand from the Arsenal corner that he’s going to say that – is that why you lost the game? I don’t think so.”

“Things went your way the other game against Burnley, things are going to go your way against Everton, so, you know, things come and go.”

“But the way they played today, we knew, be careful against Chelsea, you’re going to exposed on the counter if you don’t sense the counter quick enough, and that’s where I think they lost the game today.”

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