Thierry Henry: Mesut Özil & Alexis Sanchez Are Holding Arsenal Hostage

Thierry Henry: Mesut Özil & Alexis Sanchez Are Holding Arsenal Hostage
Dec 19, 2016

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After their stunning start to the season, the speculation around Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil’s contract extensions has been building week by week, as Arsenal gather point by point. The Chilean’s central cameo has been at the heart of his goal-scoring and providing success this season and despite German playmaker Mesut Özil’s assist count laying low, he’s been chipping in with goals, which is important for a title winning side. However, two losses on the bounce, all in one week, has left fans furious with the club and even Özil himself.

The fans of the Gunners took aim at the midfielder after his lack of effort in closing down Manchester City’s midfielders, as he was caught walking with the ball less than 5-yards ahead of him . Fans have started to question whether someone who’s lack of intensity for the club is really worth what the player is demanding in terms of financial figures.

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry believes the players are holding the club ‘hostage’. Speaking on Sky Sports, Henry revealed how he’d ‘expect a hat-trick every week, even when there’s no game’ for the sort of money the duo are demanding.

Henry said:

“Those two players are vital for the future of the club, they have to secure that deal,” Henry told Sky Sports. “But to what extent? I don’t know if Arsene is going to want to pay those numbers. But if they don’t sign, who are you going to bring after that? What’s the future?

“At the moment they are holding the club hostage. They are amazing but if they are on that amount of money, I want a hat-trick every week – and also when there’s no game!

“You need to be in a situation where you’ve won something already for the club to ask for that amount of money.”

The 39-year-old raises a valid point and if the club agreed with their former goal-scorer then both of their star players would rack in quite a fee. However, with Arsene Wenger’s history of spending little and perhaps not always landing the signature of big name signings, could the Frenchman manage to attract the replacements to fill the gaps if Arsenal decided to cash-in on Sanchez or Özil?


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