The Real Problem with Arsenal Fan TV

The Real Problem with Arsenal Fan TV
Feb 19, 2017

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Arsenal’s second half capitulation at the Allianz Arena was nothing short of embarrassing for the club and its fans. Despite Alexis Sanchez cancelling out an Arjen Robben opener in the first half, the game and most likely the tie was put to bed in the second half.

Goals from Lewandowski, a brace from Thiago pretty much put the German side out of touch before Thomas Müller put the cherry on top late in the match.

However, this match did cause one positive thing for rival fans; the complete meltdown on Arsenal Fan TV. This is thoroughly entertaining for rival fans as explicit rants, excessive blaming of Wenger and very poor and even pathetic excuses of why a game was lost can be viewed just hours after the match.

Fairly recently, Arsenal Fan TV has come under severe scrutiny from none other than Gary Neville. During the post-match analysis of Leicester’s 3-0 loss to Manchester United, Neville described some of the Arsenal Fan TV participants as “embarrassing.” Since this incident, Gary Neville has interviewed the maker of Arsenal Fan TV, Robbie, and some of the usual interviewees (Claude, Troopz, DT, and Moh.)

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Gary Neville’s criticism was clearly directed at the amount of Arsenal Fan TV interviews which constantly scrutinise Arsene Wenger and his tactics. Neville, was in fact, wrong.

First of all the advantages of Arsenal Fan TV do have to be pointed out. The premise of Arsenal Fan TV is excellent. Giving ordinary fans the opportunity to voice their opinions on the club is crucial and the fans certainly do deserve this right. Although not every fan may be a footballing expert and I can guarantee that none of those interviewed for Arsenal Fan TV would do a better job than Arsene Wenger or the players, it is still important for fans to be able to fairly criticise their club and be heard.

These Arsenal fans pay over £1,000 for a season ticket and they even travel to all of the away games. It is also important to remember how evident their clear devotion and adoration for the club is, explaining their emotional displays after every negative result.



However, Arsenal Fan TV is quickly becoming a mockery as the popularity of the channel grows.

If you have a high interest in football and own a Twitter account, chances are you have seen a fair few jokes at the expense of the Arsenal Fan TV regulars. Whether it be jokes about the pathetic excuses of Ty, the reoccurring jokes of the clash of opinions that Ty and Claude often have or even just the subtle tweet of how the Arsenal Fan TV meltdown will be hilarious. This is severely damaging Arsenal Fan TV and the natural growth of how footballing news and media will be consumed in the future.

In an age where social media and regular fans are becoming much more heavily involved in football, it is clear that soon fan accounts for every club up and down the country will exist in the form of YouTube channels or Twitter accounts. This is particularly damaging to Arsenal’s fan base as they are now coming across as often extreme in their hatred for Wenger. This is playing perfectly into the hands of rival fans. However, although these rants are incredibly entertaining, we are laughing at Arsenal fans as oppose to with Arsenal fans.

Arsenal fans are now using Arsenal Fan TV to attack the opinions of fellow Arsenal fans. For example, in the aftermath of Wednesday’s demolition by Bayern Munich, Arsenal Fan TV was particularly anticipated by many. In an interview with AFTV regular DT, it took less than 30 seconds for him to state that “not one of us (Arsenal fans) deserved this, except Ty, who does want this!”

Before the effort of any of the players or even the tactics of Wenger was blamed, the mass audience that Arsenal Fan TV was used by DT to attack another Arsenal Fan. This was perhaps to cause drama which would attract an audience for DT. Since he has created his very own YouTube channel in which the use of explicit language is heavily used perhaps he wants to use the camera time of Arsenal Fan TV to create a drama and advertise himself and his own channel, rather than provide an interesting insight to an Arsenal Fan’s perspective of the match.


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