Arsenal Fans Begin To Want Unlikely Replacement For Arsène Wenger After Chelsea Defeat

Arsenal Fans Begin To Want Unlikely Replacement For Arsène Wenger After Chelsea Defeat
Feb 5, 2017

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Back in September, few could argue with the way Arsenal were playing as they blew past Chelsea to win convincingly 3-0, moving up to 3rd whilst Chelsea fell into 8th.

“It was an outstanding performance, fantastic team spirit, collective pace, quick movement, and committed.”

This is how Arsene Wenger described his team’s performance after the match, full of praise and even calling the first half an “almost perfect game”. By contrast, Antonio Conte was still figuring out his team, and questioned their attitude from the first minute, even converting to a 3-4-3 for the last 35 minutes in an attempt to plug up his leaky defence.

Roll the clocks forward to now and you’d be forgiven for thinking those comments should be reversed. Arsenal couldn’t cope with Chelsea’s pace and movement off the ball, and they found it hard disrupting the Blues collective unit. Questions also have to be asked to some of the Arsenal players attitudes – Ozil and Sanchez arguably had their worst games of the season. If they want to demand wages of £250,000-a-week then they need to start proving their worth because you don’t get that kind of money for scoring hat-tricks against a Bulgarian minnow, you earn it from impacting the games that matter.

The hesitation from Arsenal’s stars to sign new contracts isn’t helped by Arsene Wenger taking the same approach to his future, using his ‘gut instinct’ at the end of the season to decide whether he stays. This should worry Arsenal fans because the manager has a lot of influence over their players, and if some players look to also trust their ‘gut’, it might not give them enough reasons to stay.

One Arsenal fan seems to think Arsene Wenger’s time is up, arguing that Arsenal haven’t been credible title challengers for a long time, and thinks Mauricio Pochettino is the ideal candidate to replace him.

It’s rare to see an Arsenal fan show any affection to Spurs, but while Arsenal continue to throw the title away in February, Spurs are arguably one of the most consistent teams in the league. When Arsene has struggled to tie down his big names to the club, it’s very clear the Spurs boss doesn’t have this same problem – the photo of Poch with a spurs player after them signing a new deal has appeared on twitter so much Soccer AM made a sketch about it.

Obviously, he would never cross over to the red side of North London and it will take something huge to dislodge Poch from his project, so what next for Arsene? The current mood of the club isn’t a good one, and something needs to improve soon because they host Hull next who are coming off the back of a win at home to Liverpool and a draw away to Manchester United. Arsene might leave it to his ‘gut’ to decide whether to continue his project or to leave it for someone else, but at this rate, the project might crumble before his ‘gut’ has a chance to react.

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