It’s time to write a new story Arsenal, it may be the last chance

It’s time to write a new story Arsenal, it may be the last chance
Feb 28, 2016

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The road to the Premier League title has been a long and stressful journey for Arsenal fans to deal with. For 12 long years, the Gunners have found themselves finishing the league in a consistent fashion of either 3rd or 4th place respectively. However, as a concerned Arsenal fan, this is my message to the team. It’s time to write a new story because we can not move forward by going through the old one.
The 2003/04 Premier League season was the last time Arsenal fans were able to watch the team lift the beloved league title, in a season where Arsenal broke history books by completing the season without losing a single game. But, ever since then, a lot has changed within the clubs history. Legends have departed the club, Arsenal departed the ever loved Highbury for new pastures at the Emirates, and also, the club were placed in an unfortunate financial situation, forcing them to make money every year whilst other clubs were spending it. With the likes of: Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera, Cesc Fabregas and also Robin van Persie departing the club within this 10-year period, life was becoming very difficult for Arsenal – and manager Arsene Wenger – to retain their consistent form in the Premier League and secure European competition the next season.


Throughout the seasons, Arsenal have consistently found themselves getting ever so close to winning the league title,only for form to drop and the dream slip away. One of the best chances the Gunners had in terms of winning the league was during the 2007/08 Premier League season. Arsenal finished the season in 3rd, but, were only 4 points off the title. Following the injury of striker Eduardo against Birmingham City, the overall form within the team dropped. In addition to this, Arsenal also got very close in the 2013/14 league season, Arsenal dominated the league towards the beginning and remained top of the table for a total of 128 days. Consequently, due to a large amount of injuries as well as the overall form of the team dropping, Arsenal completed the season in an unfortunate 4th place. Within the 10 year period, Arsenal have had many chances to win the title, but have consistently failed to complete the task in similar fashion.
So far this season, Arsenal have found themselves in a similar predicament such as in years prior with a battle for the title against the likes of Manchester City as well as the surprised teams of Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City. Within this 10 year period of time that I have been repetitively spoken upon, this season has proved to be the greatest chance Arsenal have of winning the title, especially considering the overall competitivity of the Premier League that will embark next season. With wins against title challengers Leicester and Manchester City, Arsenal need to strive forward in order to achieve the overall goal of the Premier League.
Arsene Wenger must keep the overall mentality of his players to a great standard in the final months of the season and play the strongest team in each game to come. Petr Cech has proven to be an essential signing to the Arsenal team with many outstanding performances and also an Arsenal Player of the Month award to his name. Also, Hector Bellerin, Nacho Monreal and Mesut Özil have all also cemented their importance into the Arsenal line-up. Injuries have typically played a big part in Arsenal’s season, however, they are currently sitting third in the league – two points off Leicester – with a number of players due to return from injury including Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere whilst other players including Danny Welbeck and Francis Coquelin have both recently returned from injury. With competition for places in the team at a great standard, it is vital that Wenger plays the correct team in each game Arsenal play in the remainder of the season to reach the ultimate goal of the Premier League trophy.
As previously mentioned, the Premier League next season will arguably be the most competitive season the league will have due to the potential title race consisting of: Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham and maybe other teams within the league looking to follow a similar route to Leicester this season. If all 7 teams are to strive for the ultimate Premier League trophy, it will make life even more difficult for both Arsenal and Arsene Wenger to lift the trophy again.


New managers will start at their new clubs such as Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, also, Jose Mourinho and Diego Simeone could also potentially be joining Manchester United and Chelsea accoridng to rumours (however, these are purely rumours and may not be valid). Jurgen Klopp will finally be settled at Liverpool once the new season debuts. In addition to this, with Tottenham looking more like title challengers as each season passes, they will also look to challenge for the title. Leicester have recently kept key man Jamie Vardy at the club following a new contract with the club, if they manage the impossible and win the league this season, they will keep all their key players and will look to defend their title in the new season.
Furthermore, in the summer, the new TV deals will take place giving each Premier League additional funds which could be used in association to transfer. This will only make the Premier League an even greater competitive league with more and more teams looking to challenge for the ultimate prize in English football. Arsenal still have to play the likes of Tottenham and also Manchester City again in the league this season, it’s time for the old script to be removed and a new story to be written. If the overall team effort increases in the final chapter of the season, the overall story of Arsenal Football Club can improve for the better. This may truly be Arsenal’s last chance to grasp the league title, as they ‘out with the old, in with the new’, the team need to grasp the new drive and make a statement that contrasts to the one set in the past 10 years previous.

  1. Fair points, well written.

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