Is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain coming home?

Is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain coming home?
Apr 15, 2016

Arsenal Southampton Transfer Rumours

Over the last week various newspapers have been linking Southampton with our old academy product Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

It’s been reported that we’re willing to make him our highest paid player and even make him our vice captain in an attempt to lure him back to St Mary’s. It’s also known that Chelsea, West Ham and Manchester City are all interested in getting the Englishman’s signature.

I can’t see Alex going to Chelsea as Arsenal would be hesitant to let a player leave to a rival club, on top of this Alex would be signing for a manager who is leaving at the end of the season so there would be no assurances for the future either. Also it’s another huge club with high expectations that at the moment Alex isn’t quite ready for but will be in the future.

The same goes for any move to City, high pressure and a new manager arriving soon so the future wouldn’t be clear. You have also got to think of if he would even play when you look at the attacking options they have now. Ox can’t even get into the arsenal attack so would have an immense struggle to get into City’s stronger attacking force.

West Ham could be an option to the Ox, still in London and with a team who have been said to have a bright future.

However I believe that Alex would be best suited at Southampton, when he was only 17 he was scoring for fun and was enjoying his football playing every week at St Mary’s. I feel that we’re more his level at this stage in his career and he could be more comfortable back where his career started. This would boost his confidence and allow him to perform to a higher standard consistently.

Although fans don’t realise because he’s been at Arsenal for five years that Alex is still very young. He’s only 22 and still has a lot to learn. For me personally being at Arsenal is a step too far at this stage of his career. A move back to Southampton would give Alex plently of starts and he would also feel more wanted at a smaller club like Southampton, more of a family atmosphere and the regular game time would boost his confidence massively and allow him to grow even more as a bright, young English winger.

I believe that if we got Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain it would be a massive coup for our club, there’s no doubt that he’s a quality player but he needs game time and confidence. Pulling this transfer off would also show Ronald Koeman that we want to push on and we have aspirations as a club to improve on what we’ve built.

Do you think bring the Ox back would be a positive move by Southampton?

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