English teams DO compete in the Champions League and it’s only a matter of time until another one wins it…

English teams DO compete in the Champions League and it’s only a matter of time until another one wins it…
Jun 6, 2016

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It is a common myth that English clubs do not successfully compete in European competition. However, this is just not true, in fact since the 2000-01 season there have only been 4 occasions when an English club has not at least reached the semi-final stage of Europe’s biggest competition.

In the last 16 years, 6 different clubs have represented England in the semi-finals of the Champions League; Leeds, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City. That’s substantially more than the majority of other countries have contributed. Furthermore, since the start of the millennium, England has produced 30% of UEFA Champions League semi-finalists and 25% of finalists.

In 2006-07, 07-08 and 08-09 three out of four of the Champions League semi-finalists were from England and in 07-08 both finalists were English. In 2005 Liverpool won the most dramatic final of all time and in 2012 Chelsea pulled off nothing short of a miracle to overcome Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

When you consider that a German club has only won the UCL twice since the turn of the century (Bayern in 2001 and 2013), which is actually less than English clubs, it starts to look a little more respectable. As a matter of fact, more English clubs have won the Champions League than any other country.

Last season Manchester City reached the semi-finals for the first time in their history, so we do still have clubs making history in Europe.






However, in the past 5 years these numbers have declined somewhat, we have had 3 semi-finalists and 1 champion; still not a bad return if we are going to be realistic.

It is undeniable that Spanish clubs have dominated Europe in the last few years; Real Madrid and Barcelona have won it 8 times in the last 16 years as it is. With the addition of Atletico Madrid who are now a huge force in Europe, it is looking good for Spain. Not to mention how well Sevilla have done in the Europa League in the last few seasons.


Nevertheless, the new TV deal could be about to change all that. As mentioned earlier, Manchester City did reach the semi-finals for the first time in their history, fantastic signs for everyone connected with the club. With the addition of Pep Guadiola, the £5 billion TV deal and the heavy investment from Sheikh Mansour, City’s main objective will be to go that bit further.







In addition to this, I would imagine that Manchester United will yet again be challenging on the biggest stage with the guidance of Jose Mourinho, possibly the best manager in the world. Again, through brilliant management and heavy investment, United will aim to get back on their perch.

English clubs are not as strong as they used to be, I can acknowledge that. However, what I fail to acknowledge is any correlation between English clubs being poor in Europe and the impressive stats that say otherwise. English clubs do compete in the Champions League and it is only a matter of time until another one wins it.




2000-01: Leeds United (Semi-finalists)

2001-02: Manchester United (Semi-Finalists)

2003-04: Chelsea (Semi-Finalists)

2004-05: Chelsea (Semi-Finalists), Liverpool (Champions)

2005-06: Arsenal (Finalists)

2006-07: Man United, Chelsea (Semi-Finalists), Liverpool (Finalists)

2007-08: Liverpool (Semi-Finalists), Chelsea (Finalists), Man United (Champions)

2008-09: Arsenal, Chelsea (Semi-Finalists), Man United (Finalists)

2010-11: Manchester United (Finalists)

2011-12: Chelsea (Champions)

2013-14: Chelsea (Semi-Finalists)

2015-16: Manchester City (Semi-Finalists)



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