Arsene Wenger has “No Plans to Leave” Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has “No Plans to Leave” Arsenal
Mar 28, 2016

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has told beIN Sports that he has “No plans to leave the Emirates.” Despite being 11 points behind current leaders Leicester, the Frenchman insists that is time is not yet up at the London club.


Wenger has come under constant criticism from many of the Arsenal faithful


Wenger, who is contracted until 2017, continued by hitting back at the supporters who have questioned him and revealed that he has no plans to leave.

“I have my conscience. What’s most important is that I give my best everyday. I work for a club I love. If I can share that love with the supporters, it’s even better. I have no doubt [that he’ll stay next season]. I am committed. When I do something, I do it 100%. I don’t worry too much about what people say. All the rest is judgement, opinions…”

Arsenal’s results have dipped since the turn of the year, as the Gunners have only won 5 times in 2016, a poor statistic for a side that has title aspirations. The Frenchman continued by saying:

“It’s just lingering beliefs from the last result, or the last disappointment or the last happiness. In my job, you focus on what is important: that is to perform. I believe, in life, it’s very important to focus on what you are appointed for. I’m appointed to perform. To do the best for my club. That’s all I focus on. My future is my future.”

Arsenal and Wenger have endured a tough couple of months since the turn of the year

These comments will divide Arsenal supporters as many want Wenger gone while others want him to continue at the helm. The Frenchman will hope Arsenal can launch a seemingly impossible late title bid in the coming months. The Gunners have failed to lift the Premier League trophy since 2004.


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    V Catterson says:

    I think Wenger should be given the support to continue for another few years yet. He did after all win the FA Cup for last 2 years which is not to be decried!

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