7 Random Places #WengerOut Protests Have Appeared

7 Random Places #WengerOut Protests Have Appeared
Apr 4, 2017

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The current controversy surrounding Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s future has stirred numerous protests from the club’s fanbase in the last month with fans voicing their displeasure towards the French manager’s overall work in recent years as well as express their annoyance towards the board.

Aeroplanes, Wexit vans, and hundreds of banners later, and the overall protest against everything Arsene Wenger and Arsenal Football Club has sparked an international meme-fest from fans of different backgrounds making their own banners and signs against the Arsenal legend. Here we look at seven unusual places that Wenger Out banners have made an appearance.

WrestleMania 33 – Orlando, Florida

On Sunday, the World Wrestling Entertainment hosted their biggest pay-per view of the year, WrestleMania, at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida which saw the retirement of global phenomenom The Undertaker in the main event. Albeit a wrestling show, it didn’t stop fans from expressing their desire for Wenger to be sacked, as a ‘Wenger Out’ sign was on display on the kick-off show.


Funnily enough, the signs didn’t stop there. It appears as if even in one of America’s biggest states, fans are still undecided on whether or not the Arsenal manager really should be sacked. Later into the event, Twitter user @AustinDowney gained attention across the country as his image went viral, expressing his desire for Arsene Wenger to remain at the North London club.

Westpac Stadium – Wellington, New Zealand

In the most recent international break, New Zealand breezed past Fiji to support their fight to qualification to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Despite the game being shown in the Westpac Stadium, capacity of approximately 35,000, less than 500 people showed up for the actual event. Despite this, it didn’t stop someone from sneaking in a Wenger Out banner, with the sign being clearly seen from the bottom of one of the stadium’s tiers.

FIFA Headquarters – Zurich, Switzerland

Even the home of football itself isn’t immune from the growing popularity of the Wenger Out Brigade. Last week, fans took to the headquarters of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association to voice their displeasures towards the Arsenal boss. A small sign stating ‘Enough is Enough, Wenger Out’ could be seen on the large FIFA letters near the entrance to the headquarters.

Anti-Donald Trump Rally – London, England

Since officially taking office earlier in the year, people from countries around the world have united together to protest against the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Attendees brought along their own signs and banners stating their views and opinions against the president, but it also didn’t stop someone from advertising their desire for Arsenal’s manager to depart the club upon expiration of his contract.


A Rugby Sevens game – Vancouver, Canada

Proven with the banners at WrestleMania 33, even sporting events outside that of football have seen their own Wenger Out banners appear more and more often. In a rugby sevens game in Vancouver, Canada, one fan became aware of an Arsenal fan in the crowd, bearing a sign which simply states ‘Wenger Out’.


Melbourne Cricket Club – Melbourne, Australia

Just like in wrestling and rugby, even cricket has seen its fair share of Wenger Out banners creep out and gain international attention. However, at the world famous Melbourne Cricket Club, a large banner going against the overall football club of Arsenal rather than the manager himself could be seen near the entrance.


Coldplay Concert – Kallang, Singapore

Finally, one last ridiculous place to see it’s own Wenger Out sign came from a Coldplay concert earlier in the week at the National Stadium. Just like with all of the other examples listed, this user saw his photo gain attention across the country as more and more fans took part in their own Wenger Out protest, with the actual location of the sign or banner getting more and more strange.

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