About Us

Founded in 2016, From The Stands was set-up to connect the everyday football fan to the biggest moments in the sport. Aiming to be as interactive as possible, we strive to give followers of the beautiful game a voice by providing an engaging platform for football fans who wish to share their opinion. Using our social channels, we push content that will get people talking in the world of football.

Whether it be breaking news, in-game updates or asking fans their thoughts on major talking points, we’ve got you covered. Since launching in February last year, our social channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, span across 100,000 people and it continues to rise on a daily basis. If you thought that was impressive, August 2017 was a record-breaking one for us. On Twitter, we picked up 12.6M impressions, averaging 406.1K a day.

Our engagement rates weren’t bad either, racking up 18.7K retweets and 48.7K replies across the 31 day period. In terms of sending traffic to our site, 29K clicks were earned directly from Twitter with the transfer window lending a helping hand to our activity. On Facebook, we reached 2,772,550 people in the same month, and that’s without any paid promotion, meaning it’s highly unlikely you went through August without seeing any of our content.


To write for us, you don’t have to be the world’s best journalist. We look for passionate and creative writers who can deliver high-quality articles on a weekly basis, without fail, and who wish to develop as a writer. Your work won’t go unnoticed, within our first two months, two of our writers have been contacted and offered a role at an already established role, with their work being spotted on our website. Although our writers work voluntarily, From The Stands is the best platform to spring yourself into the footballing industry.


From The Stands is always looking for new ventures and ways to develop ourselves. Partnerships,  sponsorships, and new ideas would always interest us and you can contact us at contact@fromthestands.co.uk. Any spam emails or irrelevant emails may be blocked.