West Ham Central – My Rant

West Ham Central – My Rant
Sep 12, 2016

West Ham

Right…I feel I need to get my views across. This fume and anger building inside me over everything that’s going on at our club at the moment needs to be let out.

Firstly, there is NOTHING wrong with the new stadium. Not in footballing terms anyway. You might hate the prices, and the popcorn, and the cafe bla bla bla, but leave the stadium itself, as a footballing stadia out of it. It’s magnificent. One of the best stadiums in the world in terms of wow factor when you walk out.

Just because you miss Upton Park, as I and every fan does, doesn’t mean you can blame the stadium for the stuff going on. Fighting with our own. Are we Millwall? Are we hypocrites? It needs to stop. It’s US who are causing the problems – and the problems with the stewards, for example, is only created because of our fans starting unnecessary violence.

The owners are getting the most unneeded abuse – their aim was to take the club to the next level and a 60k+ stadium is a huge statement. They want to increase the capacity, so have asked for fans to sit. Is it their fault? Do they want huge empty spots in the ground? No. There’s a huge difference between 57k and 66k. Can’t blame them for doing their job. A fan SPAT at Brady on Saturday. You don’t spit at anyone. It’s vile. It’s disgusting. It’s unneeded. She (and the rest of the board) DO NOT deserve this treatment.

Another thing…we don’t own the stadium!! So when people hurl abuse at the board, they’re literally helpless. They don’t control anything. It’s LLDC that employs the security and its LLDC who choose to not have any police at the games.

All in all, I hate this negativity. We’ve been at the new ground for 5 games. FIVE GAMES. People are writing it off already, saying ‘where’s this new era we were promised’…Rome wasn’t built in a day. It wasn’t built in a year. Things take time. Not two months!

We need to get behind the team, and the board, and try and sort this mess out – because, at the end of the day, we’re the only ones who can.



  1. Dennis Donovan says:

    Well put ! but doubt if those ignorant thugs will agree though.
    Keep up the good work putting the word out there
    In the end the truth will out.

  2. Jamie Harris says:

    Could not agree more, all the negativity if we had beat Watford would it be like this now ! I doubt it . Yes stewarding could be better, segregation better safe standing area and family areas but as you quite rightly said Rome wasn’t built in day. We are west hams claret and blue army , pull together we can get through anything ⚒

  3. Beautifully written an exactly right, I’m stick of all the negativity we are tenants if the owners chose not to listen to our advice what can we do, also why don’t people understand back in the 90s we tried to develop the east stand but got rejected because of bus access to the garage

  4. I agree with what you say, but the board are responsible for the planning of how we migrated our fans to the stadium. I for one never sat down at Upton Park and it kills me doing it now. I don’t disagree with wanting to sit, that’s up to everyone to decide for themslves. The board should have put a process to plan exactly where it would be best to sit if you plan to stand and sing for the majority of the game. This whole abuse to the board and fan fighting business just shows how much everyone has a passion for the club. We need to channel that into positivity rather than negativity, surely some great performances against big teams will provide a stepping stone to that goal.

  5. Whilst I agree with what you said in general, I have to express my concerns with why fans are angry. Whilst I understand that the owners have in effect their hands tied regarding decisions being made at the LS, they have to take responsibility for how the handover has taken place. Important things like stadium security and organisation should have been a priority and from what I have seen it looks like it has been implemented on an adhoc basis. Football fans are vastly different to athletics spectators or Rugby fans. I feel that the owners have not realised the problems that is being caused by mixing up standing and sitting fans, and this is causing certain fans to take umbrage. I’m not condoning any violence, and with the mix of young fans, elderly and female fans all around the stadium it’s shaming and embarrassing to put it mildly. The owners should have made sure that fans that stood at UP were grouped together. For me it’s common sense.

  6. Here in the USA, there is really only 1 owner in all of our sports that has any contact with the fan base (Mark Cuban). It’s a breath of fresh air to have owners like the David’s and how they make contact with the fans. I’ve been a fan of 4 big teams for my whole life and never have they come out to speak with the fans in anything that isn’t a public relations act. In fact, they are even rarely seen at the games.

    It’s incredible that David Gold continues to be on social media with how the fans treat him, to me it’s horrible how people can be and I’m sure this is why I don’t see my teams owners do it.

    Prices, I’d have season tickets for West Ham if I lived there as the price for tickets beats what I could do here. American football requires a PSL along with your seat ticket price. That PSL could be in excess of $5k, people complain, but pay it and if they don’t act properly, they not only lose their season ticket, but also what they paid for their PSL.
    There is never an issue with ticket sales for Football, but the same can be said for most of the other 3 big sports here.

    We also have no say in what the team does stadium wise or what is on TV or how my team changes their logo. Be happy you have some say or that your views are listened to. I watch the EPL because the history is so deep with the teams, uniform badges aren’t designed just for jersey sales, but I do want my team to be good and if jersey sales or having me sit at a game will get them to grow, I’m all for it. There are ways around the standing issue. Once the capacity is established, they will be dealt with and I’m sure all will be fine with it. When a team does well, it doesn’t matter how far you sit from the pitch, it will get loud. Football is just as far from the field here and the you can’t tell me that it’s quite at any game.

  7. Very interesting perspective from an English life long Hammers fan living in the states. Uptown Park was great for a small/mid size club but we have ambitions to be a big club and this is one way to get there. I haven’t been to the OS but it looks fantastic. We’re a few wins from getting back on track. Injuries haven’t helped and our right side defense was pretty awful Saturday. Let’s sort that out. I’m not a big fan of the owners but there are not many owners with the vision, hard work and money to do what they have done. I agree with what’s been said. WH fans fighting other WH fans. Unbelievable. Save it for Chelsea and Arsenal lads, and enjoy what we have. If Spurs or Some other team had done what we had, we’d all be bitching about why not us. As for standing – if the owners can swing it great, but if it’s not allowed pity the poor bugger with his kids sat behind done 6’3″ nutter looking for a fight. Let’s be fair and respect others, especially our own. Let’s get a couple of wins and move on.

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