Aston Villa from “European nights to relegation fights”

Aston Villa from “European nights to relegation fights”
Mar 1, 2016

Aston Villa

Aston Villa Football Club, one of England’s most successful football teams, one of five English teams to win the European cup/Champions League are now doomed for relegation. When Randy Lerner first took over in 2006, he invested a lot of money to help Aston Villa break into the top four and play Champions League football, but unfortunately Villa couldn’t do it.

At the time Aston Villa was a dominant force, finishing 6th for three seasons in a row and playing European football, it was an amazing time as a Villa fan and there was a smile around everyone’s face when it came to match day, but now there is a negative atmosphere when you come to Villa Park and quite frankly it’s down to Randy Lerner. Martin O’Neill left Aston Villa in 2010 due to issues with Randy Lerner and from that moment created the downfall of Aston Villa. We became a selling club.

In the following transfer window we sold everyone that made Aston Villa successful, Ashley Young, Stewart Downing and with James Milner leaving in the previous transfer window, you knew it was the start of something bad. Unfortunately Gerard Houllier had to resign due to health issues and then Alex Mcleish get’s appointed manager of Aston Villa, at this moment of time Randy Lerner has taken away the money leaving Mcleish with a tight budget to deal with, he had to try cut down the wage bill and develop the youth, you saw youngsters given a chance such as Andi Weimann and Gary Gardner instead of bringing in Premier League talent. Villa had become a selling club, buy players on the cheap and then sell them off for  big money, Christian Benteke comes into mind, Paul Lambert signed him for £7M and then he got sold on to Liverpool for £32.5M.

In the current Premier League season Villa are doomed for relegation, and Randy Lerner hasn’t shown any interest in the club or even give Tim Sherwood/ Remi Garde any money, you could say that we didn’t buy the right quality when we spent £50m in the summer but that was from the Benteke and Delph sales. Tim Sherwood didn’t make half the signings in the summer, that was mostly done by the board. When Villa go down its fair to say that we we won’t be returning any time soon, not with Randy Lerner in charge, but the question is… Does a massive club like Aston Villa deserve to be in this situation?


  1. Good article Matty

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  3. I was one of the last Americans to find out anything, because I worked from home then, and I didn't have cable. A friend called to tell me what happened, but I didn't see any of the video footage until days later, at another friend's house. I won't forget the day either.

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